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October 7th, 2019:

Daily T

TBlack, aka 臺灣Terry (Taiwan Terry), has taken leave of his senses and gone daily with his YouTube vlogging efforts. Check him out and be sure to subscribe to this madness.

October 2nd, 2019:

Game Plan for #5

J&B on the ROX
    [average 2 minutes/segment]
    Episode 5:  RUM & COKE special
      TITLE   "J & B on the ROX"
 1.   DISC:  Intro: a serious show providing a solemn
                    service to the community‑‑an educational
                    program‑‑glorifying responsible use of alcohol
                    ‑‑this week's focus: RUM & COKE
 2.   FEAT:  Drink #1    SPICED RUM & COLA
                         1¼ Capt Morgan Spiced Rum
                         3 oz cola
                         lemon or lime twist
 3.   DISC:  Vocab word Assiduous
                        done with constant and careful attention
                        diligent; perservering
             Are we in fact assiduous?‑‑let's explore etymology
                        from Latin ad sedere, to sit
                        "to rest the weight of the body
                        upon the buttocks and the back of the 
                        thighs, as in a chair" 
             because when you sit down to do something it shows
             you're serious‑‑we're serious‑‑we're sitting down‑‑
             we sit down a lot (both on and off the show) because
             we're serious people
 4.   FEAT:  How we sit down
             Joe sits down
             Bart sits down 
 5.   DISC:  Compare and contrast the above (briefly)
             ‑‑continuing with our theme of edification,
             point out that one meaning of the word "butt"
             is that it's a measure for wine or beer
             equivalent to two hogsheads or 126 gallons
             ‑‑speaking of alcohol, let us have another drink
 6.   FEAT:  Drink #2     CUBA LIBRE (Free Cuba)
                        Juice ½ lime‑‑drop rind in glass
                        2 cubes of ice
                        2 oz rum  
                        ½ tsp Grenadine (variation)
                        fill glass w/cola & stir
 7.   DISC:  a high‑minded program raising the level of cultural
                 literacy in Bloomington‑‑introduce Rum and Coke
                 (a play by Keith Reddin about the Bay of Pigs
                 ‑‑one of America's finest moments)‑‑a brief
                 reading to whet the viewer's appetite‑‑speaking
                 of the arts here's a video
 8.   FEAT:  Art Video
 9.   DISC:  Continuing this Arts & Culture segment, we salute
             Peggy McLerran (?) for bringing clogging to Indiana
             ‑‑sit back down and compliment ourselves on having
             promoted the arts most assiduously even while
             standing up‑‑but now we are sitting again, "resting
             our weight upon our buttocks"‑‑other terms for
             buttocks‑‑distinction between rectum and buttocks‑‑
             other terms for rectum‑‑"bunghole," which of course
             originally refers to a hole in a keg thru which
             liquor can be poured in or drawn out‑‑another drink
 10.   FEAT:  Drink #3   COCORHUM COLA
                        1½ Cocorhum 
                        fill w/cola
                        garnish w/lime slice
 11.   DISC:  Seemingly we are drawn to the topic of buttocks
              again and again‑‑but moving around to the front of
              the pelvis...
 12.   FEAT:  Special Guest JIM KNOWLTON
              Penises of the Animal Kingdom
 13.   DISC:  So now we've discussed penises and buttocks‑‑
              how do these two themes fit together?  If you
              would like to explain this, write to us‑‑address
 14.   FEAT:  Yes, a serious show, providing a solemn educational
              service to the community‑‑expanding horizons‑‑
              introducing people to new things‑‑welcome to
                           Coprophagia Corner
              Show and briefly discuss picture
 15.   DISC:  Closer: we've come at last to the end of the program
                      ‑‑This is J&B on the ROX‑‑oh, and send us a
                      bottle of J&B‑‑or write to us‑‑address‑‑bye

September 4th, 2019:

Game Plan for #99

FRAME Intro - segue to first drink of series
CLIP 02:47 Amaretto Sour (first ROX clip on YouTube)
FRAME transition: first ROX clip on YouTube → first video I posted on YouTube
CLIP 00:20 Tearing Down the House (first video I posted on YouTube)
FRAME statistical comparison
CLIP 00:38 Toe Sucking (most-viewed)
FRAME Go Viral or Die Tryin', distinction between views and watch time
CLIP 05:06 I Need All the Likes I Can Get (highest watch time & most likes)
FRAME statistical analysis, what makes a video viral?
CLIP 06:26 Banana Honey Cocoas (cute kid)
FRAME statistical analysis, spikes
CLIP 06:36 Wedding Anniversary (watch time spike, September 2013)
FRAME what caused these spikes?
CLIP 05:23 610 Stompers on Banks Street (view spike, June 2011)
FRAME truth about virality
CLIP 29:36 Noam Chomsky (watch time spike, Reddit March 2018)
FRAME our latest effort to Go Viral or Die Tryin'
CLIP 08:04 How to Mix an Amaretto Sour (how-to)
FRAME Statistical overview, outro

Rough estimate: 20 min. of clips, 10 min. of frame

April 8th, 2019:

Jenny B's Passing

It is with great sadness that we report the untimely passing of Jenny B. We share this short video, "Jenny B, Librarian," as a remembrance.

March 21st, 2019:

For Sale

We are offering the domain for sale. Interested parties should contact Dave Evanson, Senior Broker at Sedo. <>

ROX fans, don't worry. We're not selling any content. (Would anyone really pay for our content? It is to laugh.) If we sell the domain name, we'll move this content to a new address.

January 7th, 2019:

Get Hundred with Us

YouTube has a new premiere feature, and we're going to give it a go with our newest episode.

ROX #100 will premiere on YouTube at 11PM EST on Tuesday, the 15th of January, 2019. It's our old timeslot from back in the day!

What this means is that you can tune in and watch with us no matter where you are. J will be watching from Missoula, Montana. Editor B and Xy will be watching from New Orleans. TBlack will be in Taiwan. Yes, we are geographically distributed, but let's see if technology can bring us together like the true “global village idiots” that we are.

Our watch party won't be complete without you! Please join us for live chat during the show. Your obnoxious comments will be preserved for all future plays of the video... subject to some lawyers in some corporate offices somewhere, I'm sure.

If you'd like to mix along with J at home, here are the necessary ingredients:

• Bushmills Black Bush Blended Irish Whiskey
• Venom Black Mamba Energy Drink
• AriZona Sweet Tea

You'll also need a dirty old glass, some ice, and of course your fingers if you plan to employ the famous ROX finger technique.

We don't do product endorsements, at least not without being paid, so you can substitute any old whiskey, any old energy drink, and any old sweet tea. Brand names are not important. What's important is an overwhelming desire to get shitface drunk.

Okay, but how can you join this great party on the interwebs? Simply go to the premiere watch page and set a reminder. You might as well subscribe to Editor B's YouTube channel while you're there.

You can just go to, and search for “rox episode number one hundred” or “Editor B.”

Or, you could try this URL:

November 7th, 2018:

Leigh's Passing

ROX regrets to report that our friend Leigh Parmenter has passed on. According to Sara, Leigh lost his battle with cancer on 7 November 2018. He will be missed.

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Happy J
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5th Grade Teacher
Holy heck! It's Xy's 5th grade teacher!! And now Xy is a 5th grade teacher!!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!!!

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Editor B logs long hours on decks.

J&B at the Courthouse
J&B introduce themselves to the world at large in front of the Monroe County Courthouse as they kick off their most notorious episode.

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Freshly Shorn
PJ enjoys his new mohawk.

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