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Say What?

ROX Is Also...

The following have nothing to do with us.

  • ROX is a Belgian TV series about a special ops team with a talking race car.
  • ROX is a singer from the UK.
  • ROX is an art gallery in New York City.
  • ROX 90.1 is a radio station in Norway.
  • ROX-Filer is a graphical file manager for the X Window System.
  • ROX is an "energy drink" made in Austria.
  • ROX is a networking company (LANs and WANs) in Mariehamn, Finland.
  • ROX is a nightclub in the historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, California.
  • ROX-A is a section-appending computer virus which infects Windows executables. It proclaims itself to be "against war, racism, terrorism and cruel brutality." Um, OK.
  • The Brockton ROX is a pro baseball team in Brockton, Massachusetts
  • ROX Jewelry is a jewelry store in Manhattan Beach, California.
  • The ROX Festival is the largest free music festival in the south of England
  • ROX is the nickname of a talented young woman in Alberta, Canada.
  • ROX is a shopping mall in Japan. I think.
  • ROX is a city in Pennsylvania: McKees Rocks.
  • The ROX Bistro is a funky nightclub and restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • ROX is an all-plastic wire management grommet. The manufacturer's lawyer sent a letter once accusing us of trademark infringement. Guess they wanted the domain. Too bad!
  • J and B on the Rocks is an "exciting, enchanting musical duo."
Recent pix:
Happy J
Is he on drugs or something?

5th Grade Teacher
Holy heck! It's Xy's 5th grade teacher!! And now Xy is a 5th grade teacher!!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!!!

Your Weary Editor
Editor B logs long hours on decks.

J&B at the Courthouse
J&B introduce themselves to the world at large in front of the Monroe County Courthouse as they kick off their most notorious episode.

Random pix:
711 E. Cottage Grover
A hand-delivered note from "An Anonymous Westside Crank." This was only our second piece of viewer mail that we'd ever received, and the first that was negative. Many more (of both categories) would follow, but the crayon artwork here indicates the general mental level of our correspondents. We never did find out who wrote this!

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