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Thing: A Letter From Dick Veine
Person: DS
Thing: Big Bad Toad
Person: John Ward
Thing: Brad Wilhelm
Person: Brad Wilhelm
Thing: Brown Betty
Person: Bill Cameron
Person: Tom Shover
Person: Jim Robinson
Thing: Christman
Person: David Christman
Thing: CydeFX
Person: Nate Johnson
Thing: Dave Stewart
Person: DS
Thing: Doctored Ramen
Person: Xy
Thing: Dum Hoz Wit Knives
Person: Emma Rice
Person: Stephanie W
Person: Sacha Vosekas
Person: Emily Ebel-Orr
Thing: Füc
Person: Xy
Person: Scott "Burns" Evans
Person: Liz Mordarski
Thing: Governor's Commission for a Drug Free Indiana
Person: Joseph E. Mills III
Thing: Holding the Media Accountable: Citizens, Ethics, and the Law
Person: B
Person: J
Person: Michael White
Person: Lindsy Pack
Thing: Jack Flannel
Person: Jack Flannel
Thing: Johnny ESAD & the Music-Killers
Person: Eric White
Person: John Barge
Thing: Johnny Socko
Person: Mike Wiltrout
Person: Brent Olds
Person: Joshua Silbert
Thing: Jolen Creme Bleach
Person: Xy
Thing: Last Minute Productions
Person: Thom Holicky
Person: Andrew Pelloso
Person: Tony Brewer
Person: John Weber
Person: Matthew Baucco
Person: Heather Hitson
Person: Christie Williams
Person: Mike Kelleher
Person: Tom Cardis
Person: Shannon Williams
Person: Richard Fish
Person: Holly
Person: Daniel McDeavitt
Person: Daniel Geduld
Thing: Liquid Crystal Display
Person: Scott "Burns" Evans
Person: Sean Benham
Person: Jack Flannel
Person: Ned Baugh
Thing: Matt Heisel
Person: Cousin Matt
Thing: mnortham
Person: Michael Northam
Thing: More Life Coalition
Person: Eric Black
Thing: Operation: Cliff Clavin
Person: Frankie Hartzell
Thing: Orgone Factory
Person: Michael Stutz
Thing: P.J. Christie
Person: PJ
Thing: Paper Champion
Person: Stephen Donahue
Thing: Plastic Cheeses
Person: Qernie
Person: Brad Wilhelm
Person: Leigh Parmenter
Thing: Pure White 40
Person: Angela
Thing: Qernie
Person: TBlack
Person: Qernie
Person: Coleman
Thing: Spiritual Cannibalism
Person: Rudrananda
Thing: Stewart Family Singers
Person: DS
Person: K.J. "Spud"
Person: Stephanie
Thing: The Have Fun Club
Person: B
Person: J
Person: Xy
Person: Rachel Whang
Person: Tom Flynn
Person: Heather Goode
Person: Lindsey
Thing: The Panics
Person: Eric White
Person: John Barge
Thing: The Smears
Person: Kathleen Gregg
Person: Gretchen Holtz
Person: Heather Floyd
Thing: The Submersibles
Person: B
Person: Jeff Lee
Person: Mike Price
Thing: The Times-Picayune
Person: Ellis Lucia
Thing: The Walking Ruins
Person: John Barge
Person: Kevin Loyal
Thing: The Weird Messengers
Person: PJ
Thing: Wallowing
Person: Michael Stull
Thing: XY's Fab Guac
Person: Xy
Thing: XY's Fab Salsa
Person: Xy
Pix for Things:
Kathleen Screams
Kathleen Gregg on vox for the Smears.

Members of the notorious DHWK gang leave their "tag" to mark their "turf."

More Genitalia
Our viewers demanded more genitalia. So we gave them this.

Before You Imbibe
"Before you imbibe, please look at the label."

Uncredited Animation
We didn't credit this short animated segment, but J thinks he did it with Moonboy.

Peaches and Cream
A disturbed monkey-woman applies whipped cream to her peach.

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