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Yes, we're narcissistic.

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Open Air
"I mean, how'd you like to take a crap in one of these open air side shows?"

Lighter on Panelling
The lighter again. You know what that means.

The Pig That Stares
Why does that pig keep staring at me?

Day Drinks Vodka Cranberry
Day samples J's vodka cranberry and finds it acceptable.

Burning Poetry
The poetry of Dennis Sipe inflames our sensibilities.

Straight Dope
A snippet (14.1 seconds) from ROX #59 was featured in MTV's drug special, "The Straight Dope." They paid us $200.

Camera Operator Chris
Chris not only wielded the camera, he was also our guide to beautiful Cedar Bluffs. But sometimes we spelled his name wrong. Sorry, Chris!

Raw Title
Title frame for ROX #68, "Raw Footage."

Green Leaves
Trees should be worshipped.

Seizure Re-Enactment
Editor B re-enacts an epileptic seizure. (Sorry, the cameras weren't rolling when the real thing happened.)

Studio Six Sign
The Studio Six television series was named after the studio in which it was produced.

Horror Suds
Oh my!

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