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Rachel Tongue
Rachel displays her contempt for the camera.

Candid Jeff
"I'm on candid camera!"

Crisis Pregnancy Center
Former location of the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Bloomington, Indiana.

Indiana Urinalysis
Title frame for Indiana Urinalysis.

Nei Nei Thumb
Nei Nei gives us the one-thumb salute.

J with a Joint
J puffs on a J.

Perched on a balcony of Indiana limestone, J mixes a classic drink.

Dana and Ellis
B videotapes Dana's reaction to bombing Wal-Mart. (She's against it.) Meanwhile, look in the background; there's Ellis Lucia, snapping B's picture for the Times-Picayune!

Orange Whiskey Title
J gets ready to mix an Orange Whiskey.

A Celebration of Freaks...
Detail from the Have Fun Club's fler for the Festival of Fools.

Tastes Like Shit
J renders an honest assessment.

Chair 31 Title
Title frame for "A Chair Seen From Thirty-One Different Perspectives."

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