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Yes, we're narcissistic.

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Paul Gives Advice
Paul Smedberg offers some expert advice.

Blue Flame
This is what burning alcohol looks like.

Hapless XY
XY never could think of a title for her weekly segment. One viewer suggested "Country Fried Jesus," which was pretty good, but apparently not good enough for this hard-to-please wench.

Daze Recipe
A viewer sent us this fine drink recipe.

Crotch Prep
J gets ready to mix a Crotch Cooler.

Mint Julep
J prepares to mix a mint julep.

Mike and Arie
XY's father and grandfather stand outside the Monroe County Injustice Building before B and XY's legal marriage ceremony.

TBlack Drives
"That fucking dog was pissing me off, man!"

Property Title II
Title frame for ROX #92.

Eric Narrates
Eric supplied the deep, booming voice of the narrator for B & XY's puppet show wedding.

Dr. Pat Up Close
Dr. Pat holds forth on education policy.

Cruciform 4
The perpendicular is not very common in nature, but it is abundant in human artifacts.

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