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Mental Housecleaning
Title frame for ROX #48, "Mental Housecleaning."

World Against War
There were massive protests against the Iraq war all over the United States, months before the war even began.

Jason Chews the Fat
There's eight grams of fat in a Popeye's biscuit.

PJ Tripped
PJ recounts his experiences drinking coffee and dropping acid.

Half Field
The dividing line between forest and farm is a zone of endlessly fascinating details.

Diane, Horizontal
Is it just a funny camera angle, or is Diane's head mounted sideways?

Cataract Flats
B negotiates a treacherous stretch of limestone just above Cataract Falls. He almost split his head open!

Falling Behind
Title frame for "Falling Behind."

J&B Toast
J&B drink a toast to their 50th episode. It seemed like a big number at the time.

Special Guest Kelly
Kelly stifles a giggle.

B Fat Stats
Editor B lays down some statistics about obesity and mortality in America.

Healed Body Parts
If St. Roch heals you, it's traditional to make a plaster cast of the body part so healed and give it to the shrine for display. Making plaster casts of internal organs (like the heart seen here) is a bit challenging, but such is the miracle of faith.

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