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Quigley, Micro-roaster
Quigley explains how he like to roast a good coffee bean.

Tom Collins
J mixes a Tom Collins at the Collins LLC. (Indiana University is a dry campus, but fret not; all drinks on ROX are mixed with simulated alcohol.)

B chokes down some cheap scotch whiskey on the rox. "Smooth!"

Erica interviews a "man on the street" about hangovers while Scott and Erik goof off in the background.

Wisconsin Cream Fizz
J gets ready to mix a Wisconsin Cream Fizz.

That's J in the Mirror
J videotapes himself in a mirror within Beck Chapel, while B stands in the background.

It's Andrew!

J Is So Blurry
This is a picture of J's face. But really, it's a tribute to the "creative" camera work of Mr. G.

Citizens Below Poverty Level
These were the best statistics we could find in 1993 for poverty levels in the Midwest.

$top Corporate Greed
A protestor against the FTAA.

Jim & Ronnie
Artist Jim Poyser explores the strange world of "Reagan's Brain."

Pigeon B
Editor B on Pigeon Hill.

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