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Kurt Loder
XY worked with Kurt Loder on MTV's "The Straight Dope."

J&B on JB's
"Who do they think we are?"

Damn Big Dog
That is one damn big dog!

Green Glass of Grossness
J samples the Zima Slimeball

Conversation with a Horse
J interviews the Indianapolis Colts mascot about the rampant commercialization of our society.

Kathleen Screams
Kathleen Gregg on vox for the Smears.

David Baker
No, it's not David Baker the famous jazz musician. It's Dave, the baker at Bear's Beanery.

They'll Know We Are Christians
Title frame for "They'll Know We are Christians."

Beer Before Sports
J&B have some beers on the street before going into the RCA Dome to see the Indianapolis Colts. As B says, "We all know what these big sporting events are really about -- drinking beer!"

The pit toilet at Cataract Falls.

Members of the notorious DHWK gang leave their "tag" to mark their "turf."

Pretty Pretty Indian
On Super Sunday in New Orleans, the Indians emerge in their mind-numbing psychedelic finery.

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