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2 Oz. Cognac
J mixes a Dead Man's Float, whilst chilling poolside with the ROX crew in upscale Carmel, Indiana.

Bad-ass Badminton
Kelly Slinkman and MF bat the birdie at the ROX crew's Easter party.

Dave's Itch
Dave demonstrates the seven year itch.

J Slides
J slides on an icy sidewalk.

Gretchen Rocks
Gretchen Holtz rocks out.

Helen Anti Atkins
Helen Hill is against the Atkins Diet, and she wasn't afraid to tell us why.

Death ROX
The ROX logo over headstones. Spooky!

LCD Rhythm Section
Ned B. pounds the skins, Jack F. rocks the bass.

DS Skater
DS straps on his skates. "It's my most favorite thing in the world."

Nature Title
Title frame for ROX #47.

The 11th Commandment
ROX promulgates the long-lost and little-known 11th Commandment.

Fly Boy
A college student demonstrates the Hoosier response to a video camera. (Note that this arresting image appeared in the "next week" teaser at the end of ROX #63, but it is not to be found in ROX #64 itself.)

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