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Warhol Quote
This quotation is incorrect.

T Blows
Don't try this at home.

Chair 31 Title
Title frame for "A Chair Seen From Thirty-One Different Perspectives."

The Mohawking of PJ
Lisa clips; PJ sits; Stacy sips.

Hangover Title
Title for ROX #94, "Hangover Cures."

B Reads
B reads "To the Graduating Class."

J Fishes the Bay
J casts his rod on the waters of Sturgeon Bay.

St. J
St. J watch over us!

Do That Title
Title frame for another bizarre segment of ROX.

Never Work / Drugz
Parade particpants take a rest on the hood of a car.

Fit to be Drunk
J is stunned to realize that he's mixed a drink which is surpisingly good.

4 Urinals
I guess this is where all the dicks hang out.

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