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No Glory
1. XY doesn't always get to share in the glory, but the show wouldn't be the same without her.

2. As XY's mother said: "You can't possibly go to New York with all that facial hair."

On the Street
3. XY holds forth on the streets of Manhattan.

4. XY begins life as an egg.

5. XY feels the pain of a larval existence.

6. We all thought XY was still stuck in the pupa stage...

7. XY enters the fourth stage of development.

Ultra Snuggle
8. XY channels the Snuggle bear mascot.

9. Why would anyone throw away a perfectly good bottle of Aunt Jemima syrup?

XY's Video Journal -- NYC
10. XY recounts the harrowing tale of her first day at MTV -- suffering from a massive hangover.

May Day
11. XY sings: "May Day at the industrial ruin! Yes, capitalism has fallen in Bloomington!"

12. XY rips up a parking ticket. She's driving a rental in West Lafayette, so what does she care?

13. XY can't handle the raw power of garlic. "Spit or swallow? ... In this case, ladies, I recommend spittin'. Who cares if he breaks up with you?"

Welcome to Gary
14. XY says, "Welcome to Gary!"

15. XY explains her name.

XY & Bailey
16. "Fuck the televangelism, look at this! This is communing with nature!"

Phone Tag
17. "That sneaky AT&T!" XY investigates the mystery of the non-functional phones.

18. XY discovers the filth that lies within the mall mound.

Girl Scout
19. The Capitalist Girl Scout argues with the Socialist 4H-er.

Horror Monster
20. And who wouldn't be frightened by this unearthly apparition?

21. XY fixes herself a snack of Campell's Cream of Mushroom Soup. She was feeling nauseous. "I know, it's the morning, I'm feeling sick, I'm a newlywed -- I know what you're thinking."

22. XY had a cold, so she asked J to make her a medicinal drink.

Medicinal Drink
23. XY takes a sip from the piping hot medicinal concoction.

Medicinal Effect
24. Wow! XY is full of vim and vigor after the healing power of J's medicinal beverage.

Crazy Place
25. XY on Myrtle Beach: "I don't know what I think of this crazy place." If only she knew that she'd be living in New Orleans six years later.

Prom Nite
26. XY blows: "It's like prom night all over again!"

Puppet XY
27. Angela made this beautiful puppet to represent XY. As a special touch of realism, her head is full of Play-Doh.

XY Cracks Up
28. During the legal marriage ceremony, XY got a bad case of the giggles.

Black Hands
29. XY is covered with black paint after painting the puppet stage. How many brides get this dirty for their wedding? Jeff Lee built the stage.

Featuring XY
30. XY -- She Who Cutteth Up.

31. XY was a platinum blonde for about six months. Then her hair started breaking off.

32. XY hypnotizes the home viewers into thinking that ROX is actually good.

Flauna & Forna
33. XY demonstrates her erudition as a naturalist. Who knew that one day she would teach science in the public schools?

All-American Woman
34. XY, the All-American Woman, proclaims her love of God and country to Mr. G and the poet Dennis Sipe.

Flotation Device
35. XY commandeers the Phantom Menace.

36. XY goes "swimming" at Waveland, Mississippi. Too bad the water is only ankle-deep.

37. XY flashes a nip for the fisheye.

XY Southern
38. XY at the Frank Southern Ice Arena.

Resist the Light
39. XY is powerless to resist the light.

Penetrating the Flower
40. Mmmmm... Mmmmm... Oooh -- God!

XY and Friends
41. A young XY plays dress up with friends.

XY Brownie
42. In younger and more innocent days, XY was a Brownie.

You Wanna Piece of This?
43. XY goes off: "You wanna piece of this?!?" (In the background: the elusive Rachel Whang.)

XY Bowls
44. XY throws the ball down the lane at the pins.

XY & the Flower
45. "I would pronounce this flower as distinctly yonic."

Too Much Candy
46. XY buys too much candy in preparation for the Festival of Fools.

XY Hulas
47. XY tries out a hula hoop at Big Lots.

XY at the Lots
48. XY stands before her favorite store.

Salmon Tongue
49. XY's tongue is the same color as this canned salmon!

Safety Pop
50. "We had a little parade. We're about fun, we're about change, we're about anti-stagnation. We're also about safety pops."

Bubble Pop
51. XY pops her bubble.

Aerobic XY
52. "The only aerobics host with armpit hair!"

Brand XY
53. XY receives the Mark of the Beast.

Xy Sings
54. Singing and playing guitar — at the same time! The talented Xy can do it all.

Friend 3
55. And then XY licked Friend.

XY Thanks
56. XY kneels down and prays in the St. Roch Shrine.

XY Fez
57. Watch XY wear funny hats!

XY Evil Laugh
58. "Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!"

A Merkin For XY
59. XY models a merkin.

Goofus & Gallant
60. XY drew this picture in honor of our gallant neighbor, Chance.

Ballantine Ballantine
61. XY takes some Ballantine Ale to Ballantine Hall. Isn't she clever?

62. XY speculates on the meaning of a symbol on the Chemistry Building.

XY Analytical
63. XY's GRE scores reveal a distinctly non-analytical mindset.

Seizure Reaction
64. XY is awakened by her husband's convulsions.

65. XY drew the rune Degaz upon her departure to New York.

Hapless XY
66. XY never could think of a title for her weekly segment. One viewer suggested "Country Fried Jesus," which was pretty good, but apparently not good enough for this hard-to-please wench.

XY Dumpsters NY
67. "They chain their dumpsters up here in Manhattan!"

Rush Is God
68. "Rush is God!"

Spritzer Title
69. Xy gets ready to mix her own special wine spritzer at the Stonebelt Shriner's Club.

Füc Album
70. Album art for Füc's seminal debut album (unreleased)

Legal Kiss
71. "You may kiss the bride."

Pauline & Xy
72. Xy's own grandmother didn't think much of her homemade salsa.

Stan Stain
73. Stan and Xy examine blood stain evidence at People's Park.

Cooking Dough
74. Xy cooks up a batch of play dough.

Füc Rox
75. Füc rocks out at a street dance. It was their first and alas their last live performance.

76. Preaching against the evils of java.

Damn Big Dog
77. That is one damn big dog!

Up Close & Personal with Xy
78. Xy bleaches her facial hair.

Fig Licker
79. Xy licks a fig.

Already Been Chewed
80. Xy shows us what she's working with.

Xy Flushes
81. "Paying rent is just like flushing money down the toilet!"

Xy Rants
82. Xy expresses her feelings about landlords.

Gen Why Shirt
83. Xy cashes in on the next marketing craze.

Achingly Hip
84. The achingly hip Xy Paxson makes a special guest appearance.

April 21st, 1993 -- 6:00 PM
85. B just popped the question. The amazing thing: Xy said yes. Hooray.

Cold Chocolate Title
86. Xy gets ready to mix a Cold Chocolate.

Christ with a Title
87. J gets ready to mix a drink for Xy as she receives a backrub from B.

Gotta Get Back
88. Xy vows a quick return to New Orleans on the eve of Katrina's landfall. Little did she know she would not see her home for two and a half months.

Ill Gotten
89. Michael and Xy brandish liquor purchased with FEMA money. Your tax dollars at work!

Take That!
90. Xy shows her love for Limbaugh.

Xy Bolus
91. Xy samples the Thinking Man's Bolus.

Xy Draws Laguz
92. Unseen forces are active here, creative and fertile powers of nature.

The More Life Coalition
93. The More Life Coalition protests Planned Parenthood. Photograph by Rachel Whang.

Sunglass Glint
94. Why settle for a suntan? Xy won't be satisfied till her skin burns, cracks, peels, and exposes bone.

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