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Program: Commerce
Image: Colored Entrance
Image: Lykes
Program: no.ftaa
Image: Disarm Authority
Image: Pride Before Harrah's
Image: Dancing in the WTC
Image: $top Corporate Greed
Program: 27 Faces
Image: Natalie's Face
Image: James' Face
Image: Valerio's Face
Image: Jocelyn's Face
Program: Perpendicular
Image: Cruciform 1
Image: Cruciform 2
Image: Cruciform 3
Image: Cruciform 4
Image: Cruciform 5
Image: Cruciform 6
Image: Cruciform 7
Program: Interchange
Image: TMI
Image: Fireants
Program: no.peace
Image: Peace Skate
Image: Peace Fast
Image: Peace March
Image: Peace Poetry
Program: Uncollected Shorts
Image: Schematic Title
Image: Trip Tape Title
Image: How Stupid!
Image: Knowlton on Guitar
Image: Yes! Yes!
Image: Brain Wax
Image: Worm Hate
Image: Lawyer Title
Image: Syrup & Cola
Program: Milk 'Em All
Image: Ollie
Image: B Waves
Image: Calves
Image: Only Forgotten Son
Image: J Eats
Image: Joe's Turd
Image: Love You
Image: Nancy Milks
Image: The Prices Are Nice
Image: Slurpee
Program: Indiana Urinalysis
Image: Freestanding Urinals
Image: Indiana Urinalysis
Image: Scooter
Image: Brian Jones
Image: Women's Urinal
Image: Leonine J
Image: B & Brian Jones
Image: Hanna Laughs
Image: Bonnie Recounts
Image: Ed Reads
Image: Seth Recounts
Image: BJ Indiana
Image: Anonymous Woman
Image: 2 Urinals
Image: 3 Urinals
Image: 4 Urinals
Image: Hi Lo
Image: Hosedown
Image: Maddock Madstone
Image: Trough Urinal
Image: Flowerpot Urinal
Image: 5 Urinals
Image: Jim Explains
Image: Monty Cake
Image: Urinal Blocks
Image: Phil Explains
Image: Straight Ahead
Image: Flautist
Image: Aeric Explains
Program: Video Shorts
Image: Profile of the Artist as a Young Man
Image: Flag Behind Fence
Image: Dilantin
Image: Bart & Seth
Image: Seth
Image: Chair
Image: Humanoid Artifact
Image: Humanoid Head
Image: Video Shorts
Image: Adil Answers
Image: Editor B Raps
Image: Poontang Title
Image: Skinhead Rap Title
Image: Something Very Nice
Image: Like Mojo
Image: Cracking Up
Program: Do Not Become Confused
Image: Smokin' Toast
Image: Lesson 23
Image: It Ain't No Beer
Image: Wine Is For Sissies
Image: B Snarls
Image: B Gown
Image: Lexicon of Lies
Image: Jump
Image: Before You Imbibe
Image: B Raps
Image: MKM's Mouth
Image: Worm Laughs
Image: Temp. Comp.
Image: DM Logo
Image: MKML
Image: The Sage Has No Mind Of His Own
Image: Green Leaves
Image: Bottle o' Tussin
Image: Chair 31 Title
Image: Meditation
Image: J Tube Tube
Program: J&B on the Road
Image: Road Title
Image: Stone Fence Squared
Image: Land O' Beer
Image: J=joe B=bart
Image: Six Orange Mushrooms
Image: Bee Nose
Image: Door Meadow
Image: Half Field
Image: J Fishes the Bay
Image: MKM Drives
Image: Wisconsin Cream Fizz
Image: Sugar Disaster
Image: Cherryland
Image: J&B on the Couch
Image: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters Board Game
Image: Evil Gnomes
Image: The Pig That Stares
Image: Tapestry Fawn
Pix for Other:
Eat My Crotch!
TBlack and Eric stand in for our regular hosts.

John Weber was sound designer, chief engineer, and co-producer of Hayward Sanitarium.

Ooze Interview
We don't know why he called himself Ooze, or really anything about him. We just ran into him on the street.

Drugz on Washington
Crusading for a cause close to everybody's heart.

Chance Encounter
Our neighbor, Chance, pops over for a brief visit.

David Bomb
"I say bomb the fuck out of 'em. Just so long as I don't get blamed for it."

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