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Program: Commerce
Image: Colored Entrance
Image: Lykes
Program: no.ftaa
Image: Disarm Authority
Image: Pride Before Harrah's
Image: Dancing in the WTC
Image: $top Corporate Greed
Program: 27 Faces
Image: Natalie's Face
Image: James' Face
Image: Valerio's Face
Image: Jocelyn's Face
Program: Perpendicular
Image: Cruciform 1
Image: Cruciform 2
Image: Cruciform 3
Image: Cruciform 4
Image: Cruciform 5
Image: Cruciform 6
Image: Cruciform 7
Program: Interchange
Image: TMI
Image: Fireants
Program: no.peace
Image: Peace Skate
Image: Peace Fast
Image: Peace March
Image: Peace Poetry
Program: Uncollected Shorts
Image: Schematic Title
Image: Trip Tape Title
Image: How Stupid!
Image: Knowlton on Guitar
Image: Yes! Yes!
Image: Brain Wax
Image: Worm Hate
Image: Lawyer Title
Image: Syrup & Cola
Program: Milk 'Em All
Image: Ollie
Image: B Waves
Image: Calves
Image: Only Forgotten Son
Image: J Eats
Image: Joe's Turd
Image: Love You
Image: Nancy Milks
Image: The Prices Are Nice
Image: Slurpee
Program: Indiana Urinalysis
Image: Freestanding Urinals
Image: Indiana Urinalysis
Image: Scooter
Image: Brian Jones
Image: Women's Urinal
Image: Leonine J
Image: B & Brian Jones
Image: Hanna Laughs
Image: Bonnie Recounts
Image: Ed Reads
Image: Seth Recounts
Image: BJ Indiana
Image: Anonymous Woman
Image: 2 Urinals
Image: 3 Urinals
Image: 4 Urinals
Image: Hi Lo
Image: Hosedown
Image: Maddock Madstone
Image: Trough Urinal
Image: Flowerpot Urinal
Image: 5 Urinals
Image: Jim Explains
Image: Monty Cake
Image: Urinal Blocks
Image: Phil Explains
Image: Straight Ahead
Image: Flautist
Image: Aeric Explains
Program: Video Shorts
Image: Profile of the Artist as a Young Man
Image: Flag Behind Fence
Image: Dilantin
Image: Bart & Seth
Image: Seth
Image: Chair
Image: Humanoid Artifact
Image: Humanoid Head
Image: Video Shorts
Image: Adil Answers
Image: Editor B Raps
Image: Poontang Title
Image: Skinhead Rap Title
Image: Something Very Nice
Image: Like Mojo
Image: Cracking Up
Program: Do Not Become Confused
Image: Smokin' Toast
Image: Lesson 23
Image: It Ain't No Beer
Image: Wine Is For Sissies
Image: B Snarls
Image: B Gown
Image: Lexicon of Lies
Image: Jump
Image: Before You Imbibe
Image: B Raps
Image: MKM's Mouth
Image: Worm Laughs
Image: Temp. Comp.
Image: DM Logo
Image: MKML
Image: The Sage Has No Mind Of His Own
Image: Green Leaves
Image: Bottle o' Tussin
Image: Chair 31 Title
Image: Meditation
Image: J Tube Tube
Program: J&B on the Road
Image: Road Title
Image: Stone Fence Squared
Image: Land O' Beer
Image: J=joe B=bart
Image: Six Orange Mushrooms
Image: Bee Nose
Image: Door Meadow
Image: Half Field
Image: J Fishes the Bay
Image: MKM Drives
Image: Wisconsin Cream Fizz
Image: Sugar Disaster
Image: Cherryland
Image: J&B on the Couch
Image: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters Board Game
Image: Evil Gnomes
Image: The Pig That Stares
Image: Tapestry Fawn
Pix for Other:
Only Forgotten Son
Steven says a prayer.

1993 High School Graduation
"Whooo! Myrtle Beach 1993 high school graduation!"

Axel Screams

Ski Lift
In ROX #90, we featured a snippet of video shot from this ski lift somewhere in Montana, for no justifiable reason other than that it looks cool.

Puppet-maker Angela
Angela made the XY puppet for the wedding.

Posterized Lighter
The lighter makes its appearance.

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