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Green Leaves
1. Trees should be worshipped.

Smokin' Toast
2. Toast takes a long, healthy drag on another cigarette.

Lesson 23
3. Toast teaches.

It Ain't No Beer
4. Jim Reichert brandishes a beer bottle, but don't worry -- He's not threatening you. It's art, man.

Wine Is For Sissies
5. "Wine? Wine is for sissies!"

B Gown
6. Editor B recounts his enlightening experiences with cough syrup.

Lexicon of Lies
7. Title frame for "Lexicon of Lies."

8. Taking a wild leap into the unknown...

B Snarls
9. B declares his devotion to his favorite cherry-flavored drink.

Before You Imbibe
10. "Before you imbibe, please look at the label."

B Raps
11. "Forget Vicks and NyQuil -- I tried all of them."

MKM's Mouth
12. MKM describes her day in intimate detail.

Worm Laughs
13. Worm laughs as B raves about his cough syrup experiences.

Temp. Comp.
14. Sometimes the ordinary can seem extraordinary if you just look at it the right way.

DM Logo
15. Logo for DialAmerica Marketing, where B worked for seven years as a (gulp) telemarketer.

16. "This episode was brought to you by the letter L."

The Sage Has No Mind Of His Own
17. One who knows does not speak. One who speaks does not know.

Bottle o' Tussin
18. This innocuous bottle of cough syrup contains a powerful psychedlic drug.

Chair 31 Title
19. Title frame for "A Chair Seen From Thirty-One Different Perspectives."

20. Open your mind and who knows what might happen.

J Tube Tube
21. Getting self-reflexive.

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