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Spitting Rhymes for 99


Title: Spitting Rhymes for 99
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When Editor B appeared before the City Council to accept the mayor's proclamation for International ROX Day, he surprised most everyone present by... well, you just have to see this for yourself.

We need all the likes we can get.
Cuz we got all the haters that we need.

Please like our video on YouTube and share on Facebook, Twitter and all relevant social media.

Better yet, why not insert yourself into the program?


Record yourself rapping your own verse of "I Need All the Likes I Can Get" and send it to us and we'll add you to a forthcoming episode of ROX. Your rap can be of any length, just make sure you start with the line "I Need All the Likes I Can Get." (If you're feeling community-minded, or royal, you can say "we".)

When your video's ready, or if you have any questions, contact Editor B.

— posted by B on May 8th, 2014

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