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Title: More ROX on Free Speech TV
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Here's the upcoming showtimes (Eastern Standard Time) for ROX on FSTV.

ROX #92

Oct 31 — 4:29am
Nov 01 — 3:29pm
Nov 01 — 11:29pm
Nov 04 — 12:29pm
Nov 04 — 7:29pm

ROX #93

Nov 14 — 4:30am
Nov 15 — 3:30pm
Nov 15 — 11:30pm
Nov 18 — 12:30pm
Nov 18 — 7:30pm

And sometime after that they'll be showing ROX #94.

For most current info, you'll want to go to and search their schedule for “rox.” You can even specify your time zone. But be warned that their episode numbering scheme doesn't match up with ours...

— posted by B on October 25th, 2006

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