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Things by Location

Location: 344 South Dunn
Thing: Squash Soup
Thing: Doctored Ramen
Location: Algiers
Thing: Common Ground Health Clinic
Location: Anderson
Thing: Paper Champion
Location: Bloomingfoods East
Thing: XY's Fab Salsa
Location: Bloomington
Thing: The Gizmos
Thing: Squash Blossom String Pullers
Thing: Dow Jones & the Industrials
Thing: Plastic Cheeses
Thing: Operation: Cliff Clavin
Thing: Spooge
Thing: The Dirtys
Thing: Dum Hoz Wit Knives
Thing: The Have Fun Club
Thing: Liquid Crystal Display
Thing: The Panics
Thing: The Walking Ruins
Thing: Füc
Thing: The Smears
Thing: Gentleman Caller
Location: Chicago
Thing: The Weird Messengers
Location: Homegrown Studios
Thing: The Green Jam
Location: Indiana
Thing: Governor's Commission for a Drug Free Indiana
Location: Indiana University, Bloomington Campus
Thing: Reclaim Our Reproductive Rights
Location: Indianapolis
Thing: Middle Passage
Location: IU Music Building
Thing: Women's Urinals
Location: IU School of Education
Thing: Blue Globe Information Kiosks
Location: Kentucky
Thing: Some Freak at a Rest Stop in Kentucky
Location: Lexington
Thing: Groverpumper
Thing: Jim Shaw
Location: Louisville
Thing: The Love Jones
Location: Missoula Super Wal-Mart
Thing: Wal-Mart
Location: Myrtle Beach
Thing: 3 Guys with 3 Guitars
Thing: Mick Mako
Location: New Orleans
Thing: The Times-Picayune
Thing: Jai Alai
Thing: Tasco
Thing: Lipid
Thing: Goldrunt
Thing: Girl Distraction
Thing: P.J. Christie
Location: Providence
Thing: Liquid Crystal Display
Location: Taipei
Thing: Spoon de Chop
Location: The Comedy Attic
Thing: Drink Specials
Pix for Locations:
3 Urinals
A trinity of urinals.

That's J in the Mirror
J videotapes himself in a mirror within Beck Chapel, while B stands in the background.

XY Fez
Watch XY wear funny hats!

Fez On -- Hats Off
ROX salutes the city of Fez, capital of Morocco and a world leader of the illegal cannabis trade.

Candid Jeff
"I'm on candid camera!"

Sacha & Steph
They just did a drive-by-fruiting. Note the banana.

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