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ROX: The RCA Dome: Pix
1. B feels the excitement. He has no idea what's going on.

Changing Indiana
2. Our proposal: Why not change the state motto of Indiana from "The Hoosier State" to "The RCA State"?

The RCA Dome
3. RCA bought the name of the dome for some huge amount of money.

4. Once upon a time it was known as the Hoosier Dome...

5. What does the omnipresent branding of corporate logos say about our culture?

The Man Tries to Shut Us Down
6. This security guard demanded to see our press pass (yes, we had one!) and our personal IDs.

Unhand That Camera
7. The security guard at the RCA Dome does the old hand on the lens trick.

Press Pass
8. J actually scored us a press pass so we could get into the big game for free. No seats, though.

Thru the Lens of J
9. J watches the Indianapolis Colts as they defeat the Miami Dolphins.

Conversation with a Horse
10. J interviews the Indianapolis Colts mascot about the rampant commercialization of our society.

11. "If I was an Indiana man, I'd be mad about it."

12. The cheerleaders are doing what they do best.

Name Change
13. J asks Colts fans what they think about the new name the sports arena.

Name Change 2
14. Without exception, everyone we talked to objected to the name change.

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