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Pix for Grandpa Sid's Trailer

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ROX: Grandpa Sid's Trailer: Pix
J=joe B=bart
1. J&B explain their monikers.

Bee Nose
2. An odd little nicknack.

Wisconsin Cream Fizz
3. J gets ready to mix a Wisconsin Cream Fizz.

Sugar Disaster
4. Oops. J overpours the sugar and makes a mess.

5. J&B enjoy a couple of fine beers from Cherryland Crewing Company of Door County, Wisconsin.

J&B on the Couch
6. J&B wind up "J&B on the Road."

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters Board Game
7. We found this old board game in Grandpa Sid's trailer. Bet it would fetch a few bucks on eBay.

Evil Gnomes
8. Sinister gnomes lurk everywhere.

The Pig That Stares
9. Why does that pig keep staring at me?

Tapestry Fawn
10. A young fawn makes its way through the snow. This is a detail from a tapestry in Grandpa Sid's trailer.

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