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Jobs Not War
1. A street protestor in New Orleans demands: "Money for jobs, not for war!"

Dana and Ellis
2. B videotapes Dana's reaction to bombing Wal-Mart. (She's against it.) Meanwhile, look in the background; there's Ellis Lucia, snapping B's picture for the Times-Picayune!

David Bomb
3. "I say bomb the fuck out of 'em. Just so long as I don't get blamed for it."

Dave Bomb
4. Dave says he's opposed to all bombing everywhere.

Evelyn Bomb
5. Evelyn doesn't seem to mind the idea of bombing WalMart, if we can get the people out first.

Ed Bomb
6. Officially, there's just no way that Ed can support the idea of bombing WalMart.

JW Bomb
7. Peace activist J.W. says there's been quite enough bombing already.

Peace Poetry
8. Poetry for peace.

Morgan Bomb
9. Morgan says she's against violence in general. But she's also against WalMart.

Jason Chews the Fat
10. There's eight grams of fat in a Popeye's biscuit.

11. A street protestor in New Orleans demands Rocawear clothes.

No Trespassing
12. B risks arrest for the sake of art.

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