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Mr. G's Layout
1. This is the floorplan for Mr. G's pad at Poolside Apartments.

B on the Floor
2. Exhausted by a rigorous production schedule, B finds himself lying on the floor of Mr. G's apartment, clutching a bottle of Creme de Cacao.

Kremlin Kocktail
3. Da, now it is time to mix a Kremlin Kocktail.

Kremlin Sample
4. J samples the Kremlin Kocktail.

5. Perhaps the cheesiest grin yet from a man who is known for his cheesy grins.

6. J prepares to mix a Berliner.

Berliner Sample
7. "Und now, I vill sample this fine drink!"

Parisian Blonde
8. J prepares to mix a Parisian Blonde.

Whining Banana
9. J mixes up yet another blender drink: The Whining Banana.

10. B restrains J from demonstrating this week's vocabulary word.

Whining Banana B
11. B horns in on the drink-making shtick.

12. J demonstrates his famed blending technique. What drink is this anyway? I can't remember.

13. J&B try speaking Swedish for a change of pace.

Mr. G Freaks Out
14. A nice view up the camera operator's nose.

Eat My Crotch!
15. TBlack and Eric stand in for our regular hosts.

16. Circles are all around us.

17. "A three-dimensional circle is called a sphere."

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