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ROX: J's Mom & Dad's House: Pix
1. Dr. Pat models a stylish tiara. Or is it a gladiator helmet?

Stone Pipe J
2. J gets ready to fire up his parents' old stone pipe.

Nick Wigs Out
3. Nick recounts a tale of the heady uniform-burning days of the post-Vietnam era.

Nick Bags Some Herb
4. Nick displays a very old baggie of very old herb which he found while cleaning out a very old desk drawer.

Pipe Down, Dan
5. Cousin Dan hits the stone pipe.

Knuckle Sucker Title
6. J prepares to deploy his considerable mixological skills to his mother's benefit and/or chagrin.

3 Oz. Clear, Sweet Carbonated Beverage
7. We don't do product endorsements on this program, because nobody has paid us.

8. Tastes like... shoes?

J's Brother Alan
9. J's brother tries desperately to rescue a drink gone awry.

Nick Nickell (J's Dad)
10. Nick Nickell, a difficult fellow to contend with.

Not Good
11. Nick gives an honest reaction to Dr. Nickell's Knuckle Sucker.

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