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Pix for Dunn Meadow

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ROX: Dunn Meadow: Pix
1. "I'd like to abstain from that question!"

2. "I may have experimented with it once or twice..."

Dog Hump
3. Dunn Meadow, where randy dogs roam free.

Human Hump
4. Humans like to frolic in Dunn Meadow too.

Dog Lick
5. Mmm, yummy!

Juggle x 4
6. Jessie Woodson juggles blocks in Dunn Meadow.

Ed Reads
7. Ed the Meat Poet reads from his classic poem, "Urinate and Defecate."

RORR Flyer
8. She brandishes a RORR flyer.

Fools in the Meadow
9. The Festival of Fools parade arrives in Dunn Meadow.

Isa WTF?
10. "What the fuck is going on here?"

B Down
11. Overwhelmed by the spectacle and pageantry of the Festival of Fools parade, B keels over right in the middle of Dunn Meadow.

Post-Parade Analysis
12. J&B reflect on the unexpected success of the Festival of Fools.

Safety Pop
13. "We had a little parade. We're about fun, we're about change, we're about anti-stagnation. We're also about safety pops."

Bubble Pop
14. XY pops her bubble.

Sunglasses Mouth
15. Chomp!

Kelly Parrot
16. Kelly Sherrod makes friends with a bird. This is the 1000th picture added to the site!

Betty Jump
17. Brown Betty jumps!

Anal Guitar Probe
18. No wonder Bill's guitar smells funky.

Betty Shock
19. Brown Betty rocks Culture Shock '93.

W Shock
20. Proof that W. Owen was there, after all.

Liza @ Queerstock
21. Liza prepares for a dramatic reading of Jessie's Girl.

Ignorance is No Excuse for the Law
22. "Do you know any laws that are stupid? Well, there's no excuse!"

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