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Location: 344 South Dunn
Drink: Banana Daiquiri
Drink: Maggot de Menthe
Drink: Medicinal Brandy
Drink: Dirt
Drink: Up In Smoke
Drink: The Old Switcheroo
Drink: Flaming Hot Bird
Drink: Crotch Cooler
Drink: Same Old Shit
Drink: Brownie Blues
Drink: Apple B.J.
Drink: Just Say Yes!
Drink: Insomniac
Drink: Blue Law
Drink: Bluegill
Drink: Antioch Cocktail
Drink: Coffee
Drink: Nutty Worm
Drink: Pap Smear
Drink: Loaded Sherbet
Drink: Right Between the Ice
Drink: Head Buzz
Drink: Big K Slammer
Drink: Commie Communion
Drink: 3 the Fast Way
Location: 521 N Washington
Drink: Shandy Gaff
Drink: Thinking Man's Bolus
Drink: Wrong Island Iced Tea
Drink: Grape Ape
Drink: Heavy Sugary Mexican Coffee
Drink: Chamomile Tea
Drink: Herbal Tea
Drink: Pitcher Full of Screwdrivers
Drink: Amaretto Coffee
Drink: Irish Coffee
Drink: Coffee Grog
Drink: Question on the Mount
Drink: Moose in the Bush
Drink: Peace & Justice Banana
Drink: Free Spirits
Drink: Bloody Mary
Drink: Bud Dry
Drink: Casillero del Diablo
Drink: Old Nick
Drink: Busch Beer
Drink: Hot Buttered Rum
Drink: Desert Heat
Drink: Mexican Coffee
Drink: Bolla Soave
Drink: Kroger Eggnog
Drink: Hot Wassail
Drink: Martinelli's Sparkling Cider
Drink: J&B on the ROX
Drink: Hot Scot
Drink: Glenlivet
Drink: Dewar's
Drink: Chivas Regal
Drink: Cocaine on the Rox
Drink: One for the Road
Drink: Mimosa
Drink: Grandpa's Morning Secret
Drink: Pusser's Painkiller
Drink: Piper
Drink: Kentucky Heifer
Drink: Scottish Leprechaun
Drink: Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout
Drink: Fischer d'Alsace Amber
Drink: Chimay Ale
Drink: Coffee
Drink: 15 Second Sundae
Drink: Snow Good
Drink: CFC Punch
Drink: Big Lot
Drink: Fool's Gold (Festive Version)
Drink: The Slacker
Drink: Whisky Hairball
Drink: Media Blitz
Location: 701 South Lincoln
Drink: Watney's Cream Stout
Location: 711 East Cottage Grove
Drink: Scotch Straight Up
Location: 713 East Cottage Grove
Drink: Philo T. Farnsworth Float
Drink: Luv on the ROX
Drink: The Pisser
Drink: Prince Kropotkin's Pumpkin Cup
Drink: Coffee
Drink: Zombie
Drink: Fool's Gold (Prize Version)
Drink: Boilermaker
Drink: Helluva Buzz
Drink: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Drink: Coffee & Frangelico
Drink: The Whiner
Drink: Scotch & Ashes
Drink: TBlack Jack
Drink: Hairy Butthole
Drink: Stoli Frozoli
Drink: Hot Rod Ale Flip
Drink: Hairy Earlobe
Drink: Cold Chocolate
Drink: Christ with a Y
Drink: Blood, Sweat & Caffeine
Location: Adam and Eve
Drink: Fig Leaf
Location: Allen Building
Drink: Gary Mary
Location: Attic at 521 N Washington
Drink: Orange Aid
Drink: Cold Duck
Drink: Xy's Gin & Tonic
Drink: Gennifer Flowers Screwdriver
Drink: Cultural Elite Martini
Drink: Milky Mama
Drink: Concord Donkey Turd
Drink: All in the Family
Drink: Whiskey Shot
Drink: Tom Collins
Drink: Pilsner Urquell
Drink: Bass Pale Ale
Drink: Guinness Extra Stout
Drink: Bitter Orange
Drink: Orange Whiskey
Drink: Sweet Blood of London
Drink: Port Flip
Drink: Piña Colada
Location: B & XY's Apartment
Drink: Kroger Eggnog
Location: Bahamas
Drink: Kalik
Drink: Junkanoo Punch and Nickell Bourbon
Drink: So Co and Ginger Ale
Drink: Busted Bourbon
Drink: So Co & Junkanoo
Drink: Bahama Piña Colada
Drink: So Co Straight Up
Location: Basement at 701 South Lincoln
Drink: Carolina
Drink: 80 Proof Sun Protection
Drink: Myrtle Beach Lager
Drink: Mint Julep
Location: Basement at 711 East Cottage Grove
Drink: Scotch on the Rocks
Drink: Wrong Island Iced Tea
Drink: B-52
Drink: Bailey's on the Rox
Drink: Bailey's & Coffee
Drink: Spiced Rum & Cola
Drink: Cuba Incarcerado
Drink: Cocorhum Cola
Drink: Dixie Cocktail
Drink: Irish Whisky Highball
Drink: Twister
Drink: Amaretto Sour
Drink: Long Island Iced Tea
Drink: Yukon Jack on the Rocks
Drink: Rum & Coke
Drink: Tequila Shot
Drink: Coffee
Drink: Bailey's and/or Kahlua & Coffee
Drink: Margarita
Drink: Tequila Sunrise
Drink: Gin Shot
Drink: Diet 7-Up Shot
Drink: Parting Shot
Location: Beck Chapel
Drink: Bloody Urine
Location: Berlin
Drink: Berliner
Location: Bigfoot
Drink: High School Daze
Location: Bloomington
Drink: Persistent Organic Punch
Location: Bloomington Big Lots
Drink: Big Lot
Location: Bloomington Hospital
Drink: Body Substance
Drink: Bladderscratcher
Drink: Udderly Fantastic
Location: Carmel
Drink: Dead Man's Float
Location: Collins LLC
Drink: Tom Collins
Location: Comfort Inn Chicago
Drink: Blackhawk
Location: Cottage Grove
Drink: Zima Slimeball
Drink: Manhattan Transfer
Drink: Boomerang
Drink: Bleach Blonde
Drink: Fireball
Location: Cuba
Drink: Cuba Incarcerado
Location: Door County
Drink: Stone Fence (Road Version)
Location: Dunn Meadow
Drink: Cattle Prod
Drink: Stone Fence
Location: Eton Mews
Drink: Vaginal Blood Fart
Location: Everpax
Drink: Bloody Mary
Drink: Bourbon & C
Location: Gary
Drink: Gary Mary
Location: Grandpa Sid's Trailer
Drink: Wisconsin Cream Fizz
Location: Homegrown Studios
Drink: Zima
Location: HPER
Drink: Black Bladder
Location: J & Day's Pad
Drink: Rocky Rumpus
Drink: Vodka Cranberry
Drink: Seven Year Itch
Drink: Sorrows Drownder
Drink: Napoleon
Drink: Shortcut
Drink: Fat Albert
Drink: Porcelain Goddess
Drink: White Russian
Location: J's Mom & Dad's House
Drink: Dr. Nickell's Knuckle-Sucker
Location: Jenny B's House
Drink: Vodka Snowball
Location: John Waldron Arts Center
Drink: CBGB
Location: Kris Harned's Apartment
Drink: Hard-Hearted Harned
Location: MF's Apartment
Drink: Salome Cocktail
Drink: Bloody Mary
Drink: St. Petersburg
Location: Morocco
Drink: Head Buzz
Location: Mr. G's Apartment
Drink: Kremlin Kocktail
Drink: Whining Banana
Location: Myers Hall
Drink: Screwdriver
Location: Myrtle Beach
Drink: Myrtle Beach Lager
Location: New Orleans
Drink: Hurricane
Location: New York City
Drink: Long Island Iced Tea
Drink: Manhattan Transfer
Location: Nickel Plate Trail
Drink: Black T
Location: Paris
Drink: Parisian Blonde
Location: Receiving Bay for Robert's Distributors
Drink: Duesseldorfer Amber Ale
Location: Rose Well House
Drink: Dr. Pat's Punch
Drink: Quick Uncomfortable Screw
Location: Seminary Square Kroger
Drink: Kroger Eggnog
Location: South Carolina
Drink: Carolina
Location: Stonebelt Shriner's Club
Drink: Shriner Spritzer
Location: The Attic
Drink: Prarie Fire
Location: The Eye
Drink: Medicinal Brandy
Drink: Herbal Tea
Location: Third Street Park
Drink: Shirley Temple Blackhead
Location: Times Square
Drink: Manhattan Transfer
Location: Tulip Trestle
Drink: Vanishing Point
Drink: Leap of Faith
Location: Waffle House on North College Ave
Drink: Whisky Fastball
Location: Walnut
Drink: Guttersplat
Location: West Lafayette
Drink: Boilermaker
Location: White Oak Cemetery
Drink: Headstone
Location: Wisconsin
Drink: Wisconsin Cream Fizz
Location: Woody Ridge Trail
Drink: Cocktail in the Rough
Location: Yukon
Drink: Yukon Jack on the Rocks
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Angela needs her coffee.

Keith Cracks Up
Keith Klein laughs while hosting the VITAL Quiz Bowl.

The Inner Life
We've always been interested in exploring and expanding spirituality.

Knuckle Sucker Title
J prepares to deploy his considerable mixological skills to his mother's benefit and/or chagrin.

I'm 36!
Editor B has an unpleasant realization: "The average life expectancy for the American male is 72. Half of 72 is 36. I'm 36. My God, my life is half over!"

Money from Chamooga
B displays cash money sent in by a loyal but mysterious viewer who calls himself Chamooga.

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