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4 Urinals
1. I guess this is where all the dicks hang out.

Giuseppe Sips
2. Giuseppe surrenders to the clutches of a sinister caffeine addiction.

Where To Have Anonymous Bathroom Sex
3. B points out a popular location for intimate encounters.

Ballantine Ballantine
4. XY takes some Ballantine Ale to Ballantine Hall. Isn't she clever?

No Glory Here
5. J examines a "glory hole" which has been blocked off with a sheet of metal.

Don't Drink These Drinks
6. "Don't drink the drinks you see on this show or you might be sorry!"

Open Air
7. "I mean, how'd you like to take a crap in one of these open air side shows?"

Hapless XY
8. XY never could think of a title for her weekly segment. One viewer suggested "Country Fried Jesus," which was pretty good, but apparently not good enough for this hard-to-please wench.

Straight Ahead
9. "Look straight ahead -- don't look over at the other guy's urinal."

Aeric Explains
10. "I always appreciate it when the person in front of me has flushed, because I like to have a fresh bowl of water. There's a certain satisfaction in soiling it myself."

11. Preaching against the evils of java.

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