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Horror Dishes
1. It is an ordinary evening in a small town in Southern Indiana. Jenny B is doing the dishes when she hears a sound in the living room. She turns and gasps in horror at what she sees coming through the door...

Horror Monster
2. And who wouldn't be frightened by this unearthly apparition?

Horror Suds
3. Oh my!

4. J mixes the Pisser to celebrate love gone sour.

Luv on the ROX
5. J gets ready to mix a "Luv on the ROX."

J&B on the Keg
6. J pumps the keg while B fills his cup.

J with a Joint
7. J puffs on a J.

W. Owen, Coffee Virgin
8. He's not exactly young or innocent, but he was a virgin -- a coffee virgin. We gave him his very first cup of joe ever. Now he's an addict.

Helluva Title
9. J gets ready to mix a Helluva Buzz for W. Owen.

Angela, Confirmed Addict
10. Angela needs her coffee.

Death Is Cool
11. ROX takes a bold stand for the glamorization of nicotine.

Sinus Effects
12. Coffee can stave off an allergy attack and make you feel like Superman.

J & the Maker
13. J gets ready to make another pot of coffee.

Brand XY
14. XY receives the Mark of the Beast.

Zombie Title
15. J gets ready to mix a spooky drink.

Tonite's Question
16. Is this bartender competent?

Dick 'n' Dad
17. Dick raises a toast to the memory of Eugene Levitt.

18. J mixes a drink and makes a bad pun, with a little help from Jenny B as the mummy.

B 40
19. B brandishes a bottle of Pure White 40, graciously donated by friend Angela. By blatantly disregarding the instructions, the ROX crew managed to turn this powerful hair bleach into a completely ineffective waste of everyone's time.

Hanging (with) Chad
20. Chad displays a sheepish smile. He can't believe he's on such a stupid television show.

Screaming for Scotch
21. I scream, you scream, we all scream for... Scotch & Ashes?!?

B Whines
22. "This drink sucks!"

B Sees Thru
23. Editor B sees through the clear, colorless swill proffered by modern society.

Gen Why Shirt
24. Xy cashes in on the next marketing craze.

Cold Chocolate Title
25. Xy gets ready to mix a Cold Chocolate.

Hot Rod
26. You can't make a proper ale flip without a metal rod and a blowtorch.

Christ with a Title
27. J gets ready to mix a drink for Xy as she receives a backrub from B.

All Friends
28. Russ and Tblack share a cup of coffee on the front porch, just to let viewers know they're still friends, despite the shenanigans at the party. "Here's to love and life and friendship!"

Black Jack Title
29. TBlack gets ready to enjoy a TBlack Jack.

Cheap Gin
30. J makes a Boilermaker with cheap gin, in tribute to the thrifty people of West Lafayette, Indiana.

Hairy Title
31. We mixed a drink in honor of this gentleman's hirsute auricle.

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