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Pix for Basement at 711 East Cottage Grove

More about Basement at 711 East Cottage Grove

ROX: Basement at 711 East Cottage Grove: Pix
In the beginning...
1. J&B make their first television appearance together.

Conception Corner
2. B slices open a loaded condom over a jar with an egg in it as part of science experiment that ultimately failed.

Joe & B
3. "Joe & B on the ROX" just doesn't have the same ring.

4. J&B welcome Michael Northam to the show.

Tequila Shot
5. Too lethargic to mix a drink, your bartender slams a tequila shot.

JBM Earnings
6. J reports the weekly earnings statistics.

7. J's favorite article of clothing is crotchless underwear.

Tall Steve
8. Tall Steve makes his first appearance on ROX.

The Spectacle
9. B quotes the Situationists: "The spectacle of participation is the technology of isolation."

Camera Operator Wyatt
10. Wyatt was one of the first ROX camera operators.

11. "I'm playing Twister!"

This Is Fucked Up
12. J rants about the inequities of global capitalism.

13. Censored for the first time -- but not the last.

Special Guest, Jim
14. Our special guest dissed us by not showing up for the interview.

Talk Talk Talk
15. J talks while B drinks.

Spit 7-Up
16. Michael tries a sip of Diet 7-Up.

J & Michael Play
17. J and Michael Northam play a musical instrument he (Mike, that is) created from ventilation ductwork and piano wire.

Deep Throat
18. A close-up view down Michael Northam's throat.

The Face of Michael Northam
19. Michael Northam paid us a visit as he passed through Bloomington, Indiana.

Special Guest, James T. Reichert
20. Our very first special guest ever was James T. Reichert, one of J's roommates and a WinTel-loving computer geek.

Amaretto Sour
21. J gets ready to mix the third drink of the evening, an amaretto sour.

Two Black Pocket Tees
22. J&B coordinate their fashion sensibilities.

23. J&B return to Conception Corner.

Coprophagia Corner
24. J&B pay a visit to Coprophagia Corner and get themselves in a wee bit of trouble.

Bar Talk

26. B discovers a cockroach crawling on his arm.

Real Rocks
27. What other mixologist would go to such stupefying lengths in service of his craft?

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