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ROX: 521 N Washington: Pix
1. "You think the appeal of this studentine ghetto will wear down and off as you reach predicted maturity."

Penetrating the Flower
2. Mmmmm... Mmmmm... Oooh -- God!

J&B in Bed
3. Victims of a nasty cold virus or flu bug, J&B take to bed to rest up and get well. We drank lots of fluids.

4. What's a party without a cleavage contest?

JJ Looks Into the Lens
5. JJ went on a blind date with J. Along with four other women. At the same time.

High Quality
6. This television series features nothing but the highest quality video.

Arnie Juggles
7. As soon as Arnie got out of prison, he came over to our house and juggled some avocados.

Heather Smiles Sheepishly
8. Something about the look on Heather's face says, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Julie Master
9. "I am the Cleavage Master!" Unfortunately, we were not able to verify Julie's claim because of the modesty of her attire.

Diane, Horizontal
10. Is it just a funny camera angle, or is Diane's head mounted sideways?

The Astonishment of TBlack
11. TBlack is astonished by J's tawdry behavior.

Give the People What They Want
12. J reads a letter from a concerned viewer.

You Wanna Piece of This?
13. XY goes off: "You wanna piece of this?!?" (In the background: the elusive Rachel Whang.)

14. It's so embarrassing to be seen with spooge on your lip.

Shandy Ginger
15. J pours ginger ale into his Shandy Gaff. Note the "White Man's Bible" propped up in the foreground -- a failed attempt to generate controversy.

Eric Black of the More Life Coalition
16. The infamous Eric Black appeared on ROX three times.

XY & the Flower
17. "I would pronounce this flower as distinctly yonic."

Big Lot
18. J presents another classic ROX drink, the Big Lot.

Damnatory Discussion
19. J&B mull over their new vocabulary word.

Golden Hue
20. Behold the golden brown pallor of the Fool's Gold. It looks delicious, but appearences can be deceiving.

Focal Yokels
21. J remains blurry while B hogs the camera.

Parade Start
22. B starts the Festival of Fools parade with a wave of his hand.

23. Even after all these years, the Have Fun Club can be contacted via their post office box.

24. For a few years, Editor B kept a D-Jar, full of words that begin with the letter D.

Inside the D-Jar
25. Lots of little pieces of paper, each with a word and a definition.

Do Not Try This At Home: B
26. Editor B does a Big Lot.

Do Not Try This At Home: J
27. Bartender J does a Big Lot. That's straight 80 proof whiskey!

28. Editor B found this chunk of fool's gold on the railroad tracks.

J&B Again
29. J&B play host to yet another episode of ROX.

Kelly Smokes
30. Kelly McBride takes a smoke break before the Festival of Fools parade.

Your Mom
31. Everybody's favorite picket sign.

B With Cam
32. B videotapes the parade preparations.

Anonymous Photographer
33. A photographer showed up to take pictures of the Festival of Fools parade. Wonder how they turned out?

Nothing Else
34. The final ingredient for the Fool's Gold? Nothing.

A Celebration of Freaks...
35. Detail from the Have Fun Club's fler for the Festival of Fools.

Crystal Baller
36. This guy is balancing a crystal ball on the back of his hand.

Sham 69 Hula
37. Another punk hoops it up.

Slacker Title
38. J gets ready to mix the Slacker.

PS: Your Show Rocks!
39. J reads a letter from Todd Halvorsen.

Symbolic Whirlwind
40. "You'll want to shake it, symbolizing the whirlwind uncontrollability of our lives."

And now... a poem.
41. Title frame for "To the Graduating Class." In case you can't make it out, that's TBlack manhandling a bottle of Jagermeister.

42. Hey, it's that guy, Bob!

J Is So Blurry
43. This is a picture of J's face. But really, it's a tribute to the "creative" camera work of Mr. G.

It's Over
44. You were expecting more?

45. J cites his favorite Bible verse.

The Hoover Guy
46. His first name is Dan, but it's more fun to say "Hoover."

Fifteen Seconds Title
47. Title frame for ROX #27. That's a toilet handle being flushed. The symbolism should be obvious.

Dale Is So Weird
48. Dale has perfected the subtle art of corkscrew aerobics.

Moosehead Chuck
49. Chuck raises a beer in celebration.

J Bored
50. Publicity still for "My Dinner of Andre."

Do That Title
51. Title frame for another bizarre segment of ROX.

Moon Rifle
52. Moonnboy spins his rifle.

GHWB Meets His Match
53. George Herbert Walker Bush makes his first appearance on ROX.

Hairball Title
54. J gets ready to mix a Whisky Hairball for an anonymous westside crank.

Hairball Drink
55. J samples the Whisky Hairball.

Hairball Ingredient
56. J adds the secret ingredient that makes the Whisky Hairball what it is.

It's Bill!
57. Hey, it's that guy, Bill!

It's Winton!
58. Hey, it's that guy, Winton!

One for the Title
59. Title frame for "One for the Road."

The Inner Life
60. We've always been interested in exploring and expanding spirituality.

Cocaine Title
61. Title frame for "Cocaine on the ROX."

Fig Licker
62. Xy licks a fig.

Wall of Implements
63. J&B were widely known for their stylish interior decorating choices, including this sleek display of kitchen implements.

J Jar
64. J produces a semen sample for the More Life Coalition.

Eric Black Sings
65. Eric Black sings a More Life Coalition anthem, "Masturbate Ten Times a Day."

Purple & Green J
66. J turns green -- and a little purple -- through our high tech special efects wizardry.

BJ Never
67. B explains why he never stands to the right of J.

Sunday Title
68. Title frame for ROX #23.

Off to Church
69. J&B leave for church early on a Sunday morning -- actually, late on a Sunday afternoon, more to their chagrin.

J&B and John
70. J&B cite the biblical inspiration behind their television series.

Money from Chamooga
71. B displays cash money sent in by a loyal but mysterious viewer who calls himself Chamooga.

Secretive J
72. J's educated palate renders a verdict on yet another cocktail.

Camera Operator A
73. Mr. G, also known as Camer Operator A, demonstrates his signature style.

B Cites John
74. Editor B cites chapter and verse.

Special Guest Kelly
75. Kelly stifles a giggle.

Our Favorite Mugs
76. Another fascinating segment...

Achingly Hip
77. The achingly hip Xy Paxson makes a special guest appearance.

April 21st, 1993 -- 6:00 PM
78. B just popped the question. The amazing thing: Xy said yes. Hooray.

My Parents Would Be Proud
79. B thinks his parents would be proud of how he's chosen to spend his time.

Xy Bolus
80. Xy samples the Thinking Man's Bolus.

711 E. Cottage Grover
81. A hand-delivered note from "An Anonymous Westside Crank." This was only our second piece of viewer mail that we'd ever received, and the first that was negative. Many more (of both categories) would follow, but the crayon artwork here indicates the general mental level of our correspondents. We never did find out who wrote this!

82. Here's Dale Collins in 1992. Dale died in his sleep on September 3, 2008, two days shy of his 43rd birthday.

Xy Draws Laguz
83. Unseen forces are active here, creative and fertile powers of nature.

Cheese Puff Reverie
84. TBlack waxes eloquent on a most unlikely subject.

J&B on the Porch
85. J prepares to assault the camera with a bottle of vodka, while B looks on in dismay.

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