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ROX: Attic at 521 N Washington: Pix
J&B in the Attic
1. In a dark and lonely attic, J&B host another television show.

Russ Toasts
2. Russ lifts a glass of Pilsner Urquell.

Bass Triangle
3. J explains the true meaning of the pink triangle on the Bass bottle.

Smell the Guinness
4. Russ and J take a deep whiff of Guinness Extra Stout. Note the horizontal video glitch that permeated this production.

Orange Aid Title
5. J gets ready to mix an Orange Aid.

J Gets Bitter
6. J gets ready to mix up his third drink of the evening, a Bitter Orange.

Orange Whiskey Title
7. J gets ready to mix an Orange Whiskey.

J Mellows, B Wigs
8. J and a freshly unemployed B get ready to host another program in the attic.

The Wages of Unemployment
9. After B quit his telemarketing job, his weekly earnings declined sharply.

10. We discovered this vagina on a pomegranate at the local grocery store.

Toe Lick
11. TBlack licks a young lady's foot.

12. B displays one of his treasured premiums from DialAmerica Marketing.

Stir The Fuck Out Of It
13. This is the secret to making a good Port Flip.

Two Thumbs Up
14. J looks somber but B is enthused.

G Lick
15. Special guest "G" demonstrates the staying power of her Bronze Leaf lipstick while J looks on admiringly.

16. J introduces special guests E & G.

Sweet Blood Title
17. J gets ready to mix a Sweet Blood of London.

God Bless My Undies
18. J&B launch into a rousing rendition of the Thanksgiving Day classic, "God Bless My Underwear."

Dark Dave
19. Dave G, man of mystery, shrouded in darkness...

Temulency Defined
20. J&B define temulency, in more ways than one.

Piña Title
21. If you like piña coladas...

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