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A collection of title frames for ROX episodes.

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Production Notes:

January 22nd, 2003
Title Frames

B: I just thought it would be interesting to collect all the title frames from the various ROX episodes in one place. Use the “more pix” link (in the right-hand column) to see the whole album.

Media for ROX Title Frames:
Pix for ROX Title Frames:
J&B on the ROX
For the first two seasons we called the show "J&B on the ROX." Later, we shortened it to just "ROX."

Our Drinking Title
Title frame for "Our Drinking Problem."

Sloppy Title
Title frame for ROX #37, "Sloppy But Quick." Some of Editor B's early works on VHS can be seen in the background. Bonus points if you can make out any of those titles.

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