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More Genitalia
1. Our viewers demanded more genitalia. So we gave them this.

2. A viewer named Ford sent us this coin all the way from Morocco!

Another Receipt
3. We kept getting bundles of receipts in the mail from someone named "Joe M. Ma."

4. Some artistic viewers wrote in to share this hand-drawn diagram showing how the feat of autofellation might be accomplished. Please do not try this at home.

Six Commas
5. A plaintive query from our first real fan letter.

PS: Your Show Rocks!
6. J reads a letter from Todd Halvorsen.

Dick Reads
7. Richard Veine reads his statement on behalf of the More life Coalition.

Rude, Crass & Banal
8. Our viewers know quality when they don't see it.

You're an alcoholic.
9. A viewer writes in with an urgent message for B.

Letter Writer Ethan
10. Ethan wrote us a letter articulating the acutely angst-ridden perspective of a public high school student in Southern Indiana.

Flatulent Assholes
11. An anonymous westside crank sent us some fan mail.

Daze Recipe
12. A viewer sent us this fine drink recipe.

Chuck at the Hearth
13. Chuck sent us our first viewer-submitted video, in which he gets to the hearth of the matter of censorship, free speech and community standards.

Money from Chamooga
14. B displays cash money sent in by a loyal but mysterious viewer who calls himself Chamooga.

711 E. Cottage Grover
15. A hand-delivered note from "An Anonymous Westside Crank." This was only our second piece of viewer mail that we'd ever received, and the first that was negative. Many more (of both categories) would follow, but the crayon artwork here indicates the general mental level of our correspondents. We never did find out who wrote this!

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