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Event: "J&B on the ROX" Debuts on Cable TV
Person: B
Person: J
Event: B & XY Get Married
Person: B
Person: Xy
Event: B Gets Arrested for Streaking
Person: B
Event: J & Day Get Married
Person: J
Person: Day
Event: Domain Registered
Person: Eric Ost
Pix for Events:
LCD Rhythm Section
Ned B. pounds the skins, Jack F. rocks the bass.

Evans & Benham
Scott Evans and Sean Benham harmonize.

J & Day Get Married
J and Day exchange vows.

B runs across the campus of Indiana University, wearing nothing but a mohawk and a pair of Converse All*Stars.

Puppet Love
The puppets representing B and XY accurately reflect the height differential of the real couple. The puppets were joined in wedded bliss on September 25, 1993.

Fools in the Meadow
The Festival of Fools parade arrives in Dunn Meadow.

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