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Event: "J&B on the ROX" Debuts on Cable TV
Media: Mixing an Amaretto Sour
Event: B Gets Arrested for Streaking
Media: Streak
Event: Festival of Fools
Media: Fools Parade
Media: Foolish Flyer
Event: First TV Series Distributed Via Internet
Media: GVI Intro
Media: B & Xy on St. Louis Radio
Event: ROX Season One DVD Release Party & 20th Anniversary Celebration
Media: Behind the Scenes at the ROX Season One DVD Party & 20th Anniversary Celebration
Media: ROX #97: ROX Season One DVD Release Party & 20th Anniversary Celebration
Event: Winterfest 2003
Media: Inside My Viewfinder
Media: Dork
Media: Christman Warmup
Pix for Events:
Jack Flannel sings of his dorky friendship.

Puppet Crowd
Friends and family watch the puppet show wedding.

LCD Viewfinder
The band Liquid Crystal Display plays their song "Inside My Viewfinder," as seen here in a liquid crystal display viewfinder.

Overhead Projector
What's that overhead?

Fools in the Meadow
The Festival of Fools parade arrives in Dunn Meadow.

Mandeville LA
Rising waters whipped up by Hurricane Rita from Lake Pontchartrain.

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