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Event: "J&B on the ROX" Debuts on Cable TV
Location: Basement at 711 East Cottage Grove
Event: B & XY Get Married
Location: John Waldron Arts Center
Event: B Gets Arrested for Streaking
Location: Indiana University, Bloomington Campus
Event: Festival of Fools
Location: Dunn Meadow
Location: Kirkwood Avenue
Location: Washington Street
Event: Hurricane Katrina Makes Landfall
Location: Alabama
Location: Louisiana
Location: Mississippi
Event: Hurricane Rita Makes Landfall
Location: Louisiana
Location: Texas
Event: J & Day Get Married
Location: Lexington
Event: ROX Season One DVD Release Party & 20th Anniversary Celebration
Location: The Comedy Attic
Event: ROX Season Two Digital Release Party & Tarnished Silver Anniversary Celebration
Location: The Comedy Attic
Event: Winterfest 2003
Location: The Crow's Nest
Pix for Events:
Fools on the Corner
The Festival of Fools parade rounds the corner onto Kirkwood Avenue.

Licia Runs
Licia runs to catch up with the parade.

In the beginning...
J&B make their first television appearance together.

Hello World
This low-resolution image was taken from the very first clip we put on-line. This is what video on the Web looked like back in 1995.

Fools Forward
Anal marches in the foreground while Heather balances a pot on her head.

Contraflow on I-55
Both sides of the interstate are going in the same direction as evacuees flee New Orleans.

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