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Pix for Hangover Cures

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ROX: Hangover Cures: Pix
1. Editor B describes what it's like to have a hangover, or to live in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Hangover Title
2. Title for ROX #94, "Hangover Cures."

Hair of the Dog
3. A man on the street recommends a little "hair of the dog that bit you" as the perfect hangover cure.

BJ & the Cure
4. Her favorite hangover cure is an inspiration to drinking men everywhere.

Can't Handle It
5. The real cause of hangovers is "people who can't handle their liquor." Fortunately "we don't have that problem" in New Orleans.

Electoral Hangover
6. She thinks America is hungover after re-electing George W. Bush.

Tequila Plus
7. His worst hangover was caused by tequila and whiskey and "a little bit of everything combined."

Herring Anyone?
8. Pickled herring is a great hangover cure. Try some?

Erica Intros
9. "We're here on Bourbon Street talking to people about hangovers!"

10. Erica interviews a "man on the street" about hangovers while Scott and Erik goof off in the background.

Don't Drink Too Much
11. This young man advised us that the best cure for a hangover was not to drink too much in the first place. Wise beyond his years!

Menudo Doesn't Work
12. Menudo is reputed to be a hangover cure. This gentleman advised us that "it doesn't work, but it tastes damn good."

Menudo Really Works
13. This guy from California doesn't drink anymore, but he did say that menudo is a hangover cure that "really works."

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