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Pix for After the Levees Failed

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ROX: After the Levees Failed: Pix
93 Title
1. Title frame for ROX #93.

Random Selection
2. Michael is astonished by the bottle of Old Overholt rye whiskey in his hands. He picked it off the shelf with his eyes closed.

Corona B
3. Editor B enjoys a beer after a hard day of excavating flooded crap from his house.

Phone Duct
4. Anything for the sake of art: Day straps a phone to J's head with duct tape.

Gotta Get Back
5. Xy vows a quick return to New Orleans on the eve of Katrina's landfall. Little did she know she would not see her home for two and a half months.

Contraflow on I-55
6. Both sides of the interstate are going in the same direction as evacuees flee New Orleans.

7. Editor B is trapped in a nowhere space, a lightless void of utter blackness. Actually it's CATS Studio A in Bloomington, Indiana, but the background of stark nothingness symbolizes his displacement from the city of New Orleans.

A Fridge Full of Flies
8. After a refrigerator has sat for some weeks without electricity, it tends to get rather nasty.

Mandeville LA
9. Rising waters whipped up by Hurricane Rita from Lake Pontchartrain.

Ill Gotten
10. Michael and Xy brandish liquor purchased with FEMA money. Your tax dollars at work!

Unloading Supplies
11. Michael and a volunteer unload donations from Bloomington, Indiana, at the Common Ground Health Clinic in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans.

12. Separated by thousands of miles of geography, old buddies J&B use sometimes-funky technology to stay in touch.

13. Editor B examines the floodline on his house in Mid-City New Orleans.

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