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ROX: Property is Theft: Pix
Property Title
1. Title frame for ROX #91.

Hurricane PJ
2. Having survived another tropical storm in New Orleans, PJ refreshes himself with an appropriate beverage.

Goddess Day
3. Day samples the Porcelain Goddess, mixed just for her by our resident mixologist, who also happens to be her husband.

No Trespassing
4. B risks arrest for the sake of art.

Black Box
5. The mysterious black box: What is it? Why does everyone want it?

Brandon's Torch
6. Brandon puts the torch to J's plumbing. He's a professional, so it's OK.

Man of Ice
7. The ice cream man makes a stop to sell some product.

Longer Than He Thought
8. J's bathroom renovation took longer than he thought it would. A lot longer.

Julie, Briefly
9. Julie appeared for just a couple brief seconds in ROX #91.

Pointing on Palmer
10. Editor B points to the rental property, located on Palmer Avenue in Uptown New Orleans, where he and Xy lived for two years, until they got sick of investing in other people's property.

Xy Flushes
11. "Paying rent is just like flushing money down the toilet!"

Xy Rants
12. Xy expresses her feelings about landlords.

Demolition Day
13. Day tears up her property.

14. Shannon Sharpe was the realtor who brokered Xy & B's home purchase. That smile has been known to blind passing motorists.

Porcelain POV
15. J delivers a yummy drink.

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