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Pix for J&B's Mid-Life Crisis

More about J&B's Mid-Life Crisis

ROX: J&B's Mid-Life Crisis: Pix
J&B's Midlife Crisis
1. Title frame for "J&B's Midlife Crisis."

Human Peace Sign
2. Antiwar protestors form a giant human peace sign in Missoula, Montana.

Split Screen
3. J&B attempt to have a long-distance conversation.

1,733 Miles
4. The geographical distance between Lousiana and Montana is an obstacle to making ROX.

5. J's favorite article of clothing is crotchless underwear.

I'm 36!
6. Editor B has an unpleasant realization: "The average life expectancy for the American male is 72. Half of 72 is 36. I'm 36. My God, my life is half over!"

Osama Sam
7. Osama wanted to provoke a war between Islam and the West, and we gave him exactly what he wanted. Osama won!

Office Workers
8. Three women watch the antiwar protest from their office window.

What do you think about this war thing?
9. Lincoln doesn't see any need for a war on Iraq.

Jobs Not War
10. A street protestor in New Orleans demands: "Money for jobs, not for war!"

Weird Beard
11. "So you're here at the Super WalMart asking people about the war. That's good."

Day on the Mic
12. Day provides a deft segue from a peace rally in Missoula to a peace rally in Seattle.

Antiwar Rally in New Orleans
13. Yet another antiwar protest.

14. B explains why New Orleans' daily paper is called the Times-Picayune.

Where's Iraq?
15. Can the average Wal-Mart-shopping American identify Iraq on a map? (We couldn't.)

16. A junior protestor asks the penetrating question: "Do you think Bush sucks?"

My Son Won't Die...
17. Protest sign at antiwar march in New Orleans.

An Ugly American
18. Unfortunately, many Americans seemed unclear about just who we were going to war against, or why.

Rearrange It
19. "As the editor of this TV show, it's my job to chop the video up and rearrange it..."

World Against War
20. There were massive protests against the Iraq war all over the United States, months before the war even began.

Seattle Sings
21. Street protestors in Seattle sing a hymn for peace.

Killing Civilians
22. A man in the street opines that "killing civilians is wrong." The USA would kill over 8,000 civilians in the Iraq war.

War Sucks, Dude!
23. In Seattle, a teenager marches for peace.

Marching for Years
24. "We're letting San Francisco and DC know we're still here!"

Tongue Stuck
25. Don't lick frozen metal.

Small Bottle
26. Is this a small bottle or a big one? It's all a matter of perspective.

Napoleon Smells
27. J doesn't care for the smell of his Napoleon.

Split Screen 2
28. J&B try another long-distance hosting technique, but B feels cramped on half a screen.

Bomb WalMart
29. B got his picture in the New Orleans daily paper while shooting for ROX #88.

Dana and Ellis
30. B videotapes Dana's reaction to bombing Wal-Mart. (She's against it.) Meanwhile, look in the background; there's Ellis Lucia, snapping B's picture for the Times-Picayune!

David Bomb
31. "I say bomb the fuck out of 'em. Just so long as I don't get blamed for it."

Dave Bomb
32. Dave says he's opposed to all bombing everywhere.

Evelyn Bomb
33. Evelyn doesn't seem to mind the idea of bombing WalMart, if we can get the people out first.

Morgan Bomb
34. Morgan says she's against violence in general. But she's also against WalMart.

Ed Bomb
35. Officially, there's just no way that Ed can support the idea of bombing WalMart.

JW Bomb
36. Peace activist J.W. says there's been quite enough bombing already.

B Sums Up
37. "And we never did find any weapons of mass destruction, did we?"

38. A street protestor in New Orleans demands Rocawear clothes.

39. B digs into the etymological roots of the crisis.

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