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Pix for The Seven Year Itch

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ROX: The Seven Year Itch: Pix
Now is the Hour
1. B snarls a poem: "And the sparkle and shine of the spirits trapped under the glass is the glistening luster of spit!"

Cutty ROX
2. ROX over scotch on the ROX. No, it's not J&B. It's Cutty Sark.

Seven Year Itch
3. Title frame for "The Seven Year Itch."

Your Bartender, J
4. "Hello, and welcome to ROX! I'm J, I'll be your bartender."

Your Editor, B
5. "I will control all that you see and hear."

Scratch Rant
6. Sc-sc-scratching!

7. J expresses his feelings of inadequacy.

8. J always uses the finest brands for his fine drinks.

Messed Up
9. After a few drinks, things always seem a little more... interesting...

Funny Looking
10. J is a funny guy. Funny looking, that is.

Study Yoga
11. "Study yoga, or the Bible, or Nietzsche."

Rocky Rumpus
12. J mixes up a tasty invention called the Rocky Rumpus.

Dave's Itch
13. Dave demonstrates the seven year itch.

Seven Year Itch Drink
14. J gets some ice from the freezer so he can mix a Seven Year Itch.

Oyster Sauce Lump
15. The dab of oyster sauce provides a special treat at the end of this drink.

What's a Seven Year Itch?
16. "You're the next contestant on 'What the Fuck is a Seven Year Itch?'"

Puking Matt
17. Matt pukes. Gross!

Scooter Bob
18. Day protests: "My name's not Scooter Bob!"

19. Corey has no clue what a seven year itch might be.

Jäger: Pour It All In
20. Too much is better than not enough.

Twist of Pepper
21. Nothing rounds out a drink quite like a twist of freshly ground black pepper.

22. "...hitch-hike or hop a train..."

Another Toe-Sucking
23. "...explore your sexuality..."

B Under Bed
24. "...sleep under your bed..."

Day Drinks Vodka Cranberry
25. Day samples J's vodka cranberry and finds it acceptable.

Finger Technique
26. Cousin Matt demonstrates the famous ROX "finger technique."

Acts of Will
27. "..acts of will..."

J & Day Get Married
28. J and Day exchange vows.

29. J gives himself goosebumps reading from the Disorientation Manual.

Soft Porn
30. J displays his designer-denim-clad ass for the titillation of the viewing public.

Jose Marti
31. Jose Marti was cool. He started the Cuban Revolutionary Party and campaigned relentlessly for liberation from Spain. This statue is located in Mid-City New Orleans.

32. J reads from J&B's "Dormitory Disorientation Manual."

33. Waveland, Mississippi is just a forty-minute drive from New Orleans.

34. XY goes "swimming" at Waveland, Mississippi. Too bad the water is only ankle-deep.

Prom Nite
35. XY blows: "It's like prom night all over again!"

Flotation Device
36. XY commandeers the Phantom Menace.

37. Wired magazine called ROX "the best TV show in America."

Sorrows Drownder
38. Cousin Matt mixes a special drink to drown his sorrows.

39. Cousin Matt drowns his sorrows.

Strain the Itch
40. J strains the Seven Year Itch.

41. Dave is consigned to the Dumbass Corner.

Mystery Revealed
42. Liz reveals the mystery.

Bowling Ball
43. J goes bowling in the Clark Fork River

Creighton Investigates
44. Creighton finds a fresh and tasty snack.

Garbage Car
45. "So there you have it. The burned out wreck of a car full of garbage."

J & Day Kiss
46. "By the authority vested in myself by virtue of my incredible hubris, I pronounce us man and wife. You may kiss me!"

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