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Pix for Generation Why?

More about Generation Why?

ROX: Generation Why?: Pix
Y Title
1. Title frame for ROX #71.

Dum Hoz Interview
2. We were lucky to score an exclusive interview with one of Bloomington's most notorious street gangs.

Blackhead Title
3. J gets ready to mix an adult version of a classic kid's drink.

Leaf, Pleasure Seeker
4. Leaf seeks pleasure. Don't we all?

Sacha & Steph
5. They just did a drive-by-fruiting. Note the banana.

Cedar Flips Her Hair
6. Cedar hangs in front of the IMU.

Letter Writer Ethan
7. Ethan wrote us a letter articulating the acutely angst-ridden perspective of a public high school student in Southern Indiana.

B 40
8. B brandishes a bottle of Pure White 40, graciously donated by friend Angela. By blatantly disregarding the instructions, the ROX crew managed to turn this powerful hair bleach into a completely ineffective waste of everyone's time.

Kyle Gun
9. Kyle has a big gun.

Alexis Takes Aim
10. You can't really tell from this picture, but Alexis is whacking this guy on the head.

B Whines
11. "This drink sucks!"

B Sees Thru
12. Editor B sees through the clear, colorless swill proffered by modern society.

Gen Why Shirt
13. Xy cashes in on the next marketing craze.

Austin Bites
14. That's probably not good for your teeth.

Axel Screams
15. Aargh.

Keddy Swings
16. It's so nice to see young people keeping fit.

17. Members of the notorious DHWK gang leave their "tag" to mark their "turf."

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