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ROX #61: Moving on Down

From one rat-infested shithole to another...






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Carl Orff
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Title: "Moving on Down"

Series: ROX
Season: three
Episode Number: 61
Production Date: September 15th, 1994
Running Time: 29:30

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June 20th, 2003
Haircut Photo

Lynn: I don't really remember this episode that well, but I would like to say that haircut photo was funny when I first saw it, and even funnier when I realized Bart was the one who put the caption on the screen. Now that is a sense of humor.

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J's Last Dump
J takes his last dump at our old house. His roommates didn't even have the common decency to leave him alone during this most private moment. We had to shove a video camera in the window and tape him in the act. Then we put it on TV. That's the ROX way.

Teddy Burns
B burns his old teddy bear as a symbolic farewell to childhood and childish things.

The End of an Era
The core ROX crew lived in this big old house for just one year.

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