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Pix for Coping with the Shock

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ROX: Coping with the Shock: Pix
Coping with the Title
1. Title frame for ROX #58, "Coping with the Shock."

2. Liza takes a picture of Editor B taking a picture of her. Or is it the other way round?

XY & the Flower
3. "I would pronounce this flower as distinctly yonic."

Penetrating the Flower
4. Mmmmm... Mmmmm... Oooh -- God!

Heather Drums
5. Heather Floyd lays down a rhythm for the Smears.

Kelly Parrot
6. Kelly Sherrod makes friends with a bird. This is the 1000th picture added to the site!

Betty Jump
7. Brown Betty jumps!

Anal Guitar Probe
8. No wonder Bill's guitar smells funky.

9. Camera operator Kelly Slinkman gets an extreme close-up of her own face.

Kathleen Screams
10. Kathleen Gregg on vox for the Smears.

W Shock
11. Proof that W. Owen was there, after all.

Stan Stain
12. Stan and Xy examine blood stain evidence at People's Park.

Gretchen Rocks
13. Gretchen Holtz rocks out.

Liza @ Queerstock
14. Liza prepares for a dramatic reading of Jessie's Girl.

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