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ROX: J&B on Ice: Pix
Diane Teaches B
1. Diane gives B a crash course in ice skating.

Diane Keyed
2. Diane suffers from technical difficulties. B must be having trouble in the editing booth. Again.

Skate Consultant Diane
3. Diane helps the ROX crew get their skate on.

4. Ice skating and videotaping... at the same time.

Skating Video
5. No, those aren't tracks on the ice -- that's some sort of weird video interference.

6. A viewer named Ford sent us this coin all the way from Morocco!

Fez On -- Hats Off
7. ROX salutes the city of Fez, capital of Morocco and a world leader of the illegal cannabis trade.

J&B on Ice
8. Title frame for "J&B on Ice."

MF Angst
9. MF experiences angst about getting out on the ice at the skating rink. But then, MF tends to experience angst about many things.

DS Skater
10. DS straps on his skates. "It's my most favorite thing in the world."

11. J re-enacts a late-night phone call from a "fan."

XY Southern
12. XY at the Frank Southern Ice Arena.

13. Bundled up and ready for fun on the ice.

Spud Wipes Out
14. Ice is slippery, after all.

Right Between the Ice
15. "Bad pun -- 'right between the ice' -- get it?"

2 Ice Cubes
16. Let your ice sit out for a few minutes so that it develops a nice sheen of water.

17. This cocktail seems to have hit J right between the eyes.

Amaretto: Pour It All In
18. Mixology is a delicate science that requires precision measurement.

Head Buzz
19. J dons the appropriate headgear to mix a Head Buzz.

Mango Madness
20. If you can't lay your hands on some Mango Madness, any tropical fruit juice will do.

A Little Bit of Triple Sec
21. J muscles open a bottle of triple sec. Nothing can keep this man away from his liquor!

22. Fez is a city in Morocco, located northeast of Casablanca. It is also the name given to a particular kind of flat-topped felt hat worn by men of the eastern Mediterranean.

You're Watching BCAT3
23. ROX first appeared on Bloomington Community Access Television, which was channel 3.

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