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Pix for The Mystical State

More about The Mystical State

ROX: The Mystical State: Pix
Founder of the DEA
1. This man is the founder of the DEA. Well, that's what he told us, anyway. We believe him.

Vocabulary: Transmigration
2. Our guest explains what it's like to share his body with another being.

Mystical Title
3. Title frame for ROX #49.

Daze Title
4. J gets ready to mix a drink from a recipe sent by a viewer.

Damn Big Dog
5. That is one damn big dog!

Daze Recipe
6. A viewer sent us this fine drink recipe.

Roger Von Yogananda
7. Our special guest shares just a few of the names by which he has been known.

Rudi's Book
8. We didn't read Rudi's book, but we looked at all the pictures, and we can vouch for the fact that there doesn't seem to be any real cannibalism going on.

Rudi Lotus
9. A picture of Rudi from Spiritual Cannibalism.

Up Close & Personal with Xy
10. Xy bleaches her facial hair.

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