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Pix for A Leap of Faith

More about A Leap of Faith

ROX: A Leap of Faith: Pix
1. Worm is ready for anything.

A Leap of Faith
2. Title frame for "A Leap of Faith."

The Contrary Mr. G
3. Doggonit but that Mr. G is a contrary cuss. (That's Worm in the back seat.)

4. Mr. G follows behind the ROX camera crew. He's flashing his rear-view mirror at us just cuz he's so darn contrary!

Vanishing Point
5. Worm prepares to mix a Vanishing Point on the nation's longest railroad trestle.

Leap Drink
6. J samples the Leap of Faith.

Back Roads
7. The ROX crew ventures into the deepest depths of Greene County.

Leap Leap
8. J's reaction after drinking the Leap of Faith.

The Virgin J
9. Worship him.

Girl Scout
10. The Capitalist Girl Scout argues with the Socialist 4H-er.

Fours and Fives
11. Hmmm... Sure are a lot of fours and fives out here. No wonder we got lost.

J&B at Table
12. J&B at the kitchen table of 344 S Dunn.

Pant Pant Pant
13. Worm is winded after climbing the steep hill to get to the big train trestle.

14. J gets his windshield cleaned at the service station.

Ken Pimple
15. ROX encounters Ken Pimple, PhD, in the Kroger parking lot.

Yo Ho Grocery
16. We stopped at the rustic Yo Ho Grocery for refreshment and directions.

Trestle Infinitum
17. A psychedelic view through the lattice of girders that support the trestle.

18. XY fixes herself a snack of Campell's Cream of Mushroom Soup. She was feeling nauseous. "I know, it's the morning, I'm feeling sick, I'm a newlywed -- I know what you're thinking."

Wheelchair Ramp
19. Chris and J help Mr. G ascend to the peak.

Faith Alone
20. ROX redefined the crucial concept of faith in episode #40.

Map Super
21. Out of Bloomington, into rural Indiana, the ROX crew ventured boldly forth...

22. This picture doesn't begin to capture how incredibly long this railroad trestle is.

Faith Healing
23. J&B perform a little faith healing.

J Pours O.J.
24. J carefully measures out just the right amount of orange juice.

Faith Resting
25. Mr. G decides to sit down for a while. Faith healing is tiring work.

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