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ROX #44: A Leap of Faith

Ascending to the peak





Music By

Carl Orff
The Submersibles
Soviet France

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Title: "A Leap of Faith"

Series: ROX
Season: two
Episode Number: 44
Production Date: unknown
Running Time: 27:43

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Production Notes:

August 11th, 2003
We Need A New God (or Gods, As It Were...)

Media for A Leap of Faith:
Pix for A Leap of Faith:
Vanishing Point
Worm prepares to mix a Vanishing Point on the nation's longest railroad trestle.

Map Super
Out of Bloomington, into rural Indiana, the ROX crew ventured boldly forth...

Fours and Fives
Hmmm... Sure are a lot of fours and fives out here. No wonder we got lost.

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