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Pix for Falling Behind

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ROX: Falling Behind: Pix
Falling Behind
1. Title frame for "Falling Behind."

B Is Taller
2. This rare standing shot reveals that B is taller than J.

Late Period
3. J gets ready to mix a "Late Period."

Weird Signal
4. Editor B discovers more random video weirdness in the editing booth.

Another Bad Creation
5. J prepares to mix Another Bad Creation, from a recipe submitted by a viewer.

Yellow Leaf
6. B waxes philosophical on the meaning of leaves turning color.

Grand Mal
7. J mixes a special drink in honor of Editor B's epilepsy.

8. "I would pronounce that as distinctly ecstatic!"

Blow the Head
9. J blows the head off Another Bad Creation.

Fit to be Drunk
10. J is stunned to realize that he's mixed a drink which is surpisingly good.

11. XY hypnotizes the home viewers into thinking that ROX is actually good.

B and His Bill
12. B examines the bill from his recent hospital visit.

Hospital Bill
13. $1,167.15!?! How on earth is poor B gonna pay this bill?

Uncredited Animation
14. We didn't credit this short animated segment, but J thinks he did it with Moonboy.

Pour It All In
15. When in doubt...

Mr. G Teaches
16. Mr. G teaches the kids about the friendly number 10.

No Good Reasons?
17. J reads from Indiana University's Alcohol and Drug-Free Campus Policy.

Flauna & Forna
18. XY demonstrates her erudition as a naturalist. Who knew that one day she would teach science in the public schools?

Falling Sickness
19. It's autumn, when leaves start to fall. And so do epileptics like Editor B, if he forgets to take his medicine.

John 19:24
20. J quotes from the Bible, driven by his fervent desire to spread the Good News to all ROX viewers. Unfortunately he meant to cite verse 28. We are not biblical scholars.

21. Mr. G is... The Instructionator!

All-American Woman
22. XY, the All-American Woman, proclaims her love of God and country to Mr. G and the poet Dennis Sipe.

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