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Pix for Mish-Mosh Revisited

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Mish Mosh Revisited Title
1. Title frame for "Mish Mosh Revisited"

2. J cites his favorite Bible verse.

Thinking Man's Bolus
3. You need be neither manly nor intelligent to enjoy this drink.

Tea for Alex
4. Alex hosts a tea party.

Candid Jeff
5. "I'm on candid camera!"

6. The perfect fashion accessory for the modern woman.

My Parents Would Be Proud
7. B thinks his parents would be proud of how he's chosen to spend his time.

Xy Bolus
8. Xy samples the Thinking Man's Bolus.

Keith Cracks Up
9. Keith Klein laughs while hosting the VITAL Quiz Bowl.

Joint Wish
10. If wishes were herbs beggars would be high.

J Poses
11. Whatever happened to the photos from this shoot?

Flies on Shit
12. It's like a miniature nature documentary with an avant-garde soundtrack.

No Close Ups
13. Some people recoil from our camera-in-face style of videography.

Beer Cheer
14. Beers looking at you, kid.

MKM Writes
15. Writing a letter.

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