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Pix for My Mother the Doctor

More about My Mother the Doctor

ROX: My Mother the Doctor: Pix
My Mother, the Title
1. Title frame for "My Mother, the Doctor"

Nick Nickell (J's Dad)
2. Nick Nickell, a difficult fellow to contend with.

Down with DPP
3. J mixes up Dr. Pat's Punch.

Dr. Pat's Punch Title
4. J blows smoke while B enjoys a glass of Dr. Pat's Punch.

Unscrewed Title
5. J gets ready to mix a non-traditional drink for a non-traditional student.

Knuckle Sucker Title
6. J prepares to deploy his considerable mixological skills to his mother's benefit and/or chagrin.

3 Oz. Clear, Sweet Carbonated Beverage
7. We don't do product endorsements on this program, because nobody has paid us.

8. Tastes like... shoes?

J's Brother Alan
9. J's brother tries desperately to rescue a drink gone awry.

Ultra Snuggle
10. XY channels the Snuggle bear mascot.

11. Why would anyone throw away a perfectly good bottle of Aunt Jemima syrup?

And now... a poem.
12. Title frame for "To the Graduating Class." In case you can't make it out, that's TBlack manhandling a bottle of Jagermeister.

13. "You think the appeal of this studentine ghetto will wear down and off as you reach predicted maturity."

B Reads
14. B reads "To the Graduating Class."

J Reads
15. J reads "To the Graduating Class."

Peter Pan
16. "Peter Pan was right. Don't do it. Don't grow up."

Naked and Carefree
17. "Lounge by the shores, naked and care free."

Climb A Tree
18. "Cut off the soles of your shoes, climb a tree and learn to play the flute."

Smoke More
19. "Smoke more."

Drink More
20. "Drink more."

Uptown Sign
21. "Have late breakfasts at the Uptown."

Dr. Pat Speaks
22. Dr. Pat addresses the student body at her very own commencement.

Not Good
23. Nick gives an honest reaction to Dr. Nickell's Knuckle Sucker.

It's Over
24. You were expecting more?

Dr. Pat Up Close
25. Dr. Pat holds forth on education policy.

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