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Pix for A Toast to Poverty

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ROX: A Toast to Poverty: Pix
A Toast to Poverty
1. Title frame for "A Toast to Poverty."

11th Poorest
2. "A Toast to Poverty" was inspired by Bloomington's ranking as one of the poorest cities in the nation.

Cam by Moonboy
3. Moonboy ran camera for many early ROX episodes.

J&B on the Trax
4. B expounds yet another point in his endless pursuit of social justice, while J enjoys a cocktail and a cigarette.

Citizens Below Poverty Level
5. These were the best statistics we could find in 1993 for poverty levels in the Midwest.

Railroad Umbrella
6. B continues with the nonstop statistics, while J contends with umbrella difficulties.

May Day
7. XY sings: "May Day at the industrial ruin! Yes, capitalism has fallen in Bloomington!"

Ready to Run
8. J gets ready to mix a Poor Brian's Run.

Dada Anti-Easter Egg
9. ROX is an educational program that teaches you, the end user, how to make a variety of pierced eggs.

Egg Eyes
10. "Easter's cancelled. They found the body."

Barge Lives
11. John Barge celebrates Easter with the ROX crew.

Bad-ass Badminton
12. Kelly Slinkman and MF bat the birdie at the ROX crew's Easter party.

Eloid Puts the Shot
13. Eloid! Eloid! He's our man! If he can't do it, no one can!

Kevin Can Eat
14. Kevin Loyal wins a dollar on a scratch-off lottery ticket. "I can eat tomorrow!"

Already Been Chewed
15. Xy shows us what she's working with.

Drop Acid
16. 'Nuff said.

Blue Hawaiian
17. J gets ready to mix a Blue Hawaiian.

Juggle x 4
18. Jessie Woodson juggles blocks in Dunn Meadow.

Rudiger Dornbusch
19. A quote from MIT economist Rudiger Dornbusch is always sobering.

Pigeon B
20. Editor B on Pigeon Hill.

21. Some artistic viewers wrote in to share this hand-drawn diagram showing how the feat of autofellation might be accomplished. Please do not try this at home.

J&B on JB's
22. "Who do they think we are?"

J&B with a Cart
23. J&B sign off with a patriotic flourish.

Concentric Mark
24. Our friend Mark is beside himself, or rather inside himself -- overjoyed at the prospect of appearing on ROX.

Screening Notes for ROX #31
25. Respectfully submitted to the Indiana Film Society.

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