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Title: "J&B Get Sick"

Series: ROX
Season: one
Episode Number: 26
Production Date: February 15th, 1993
Running Time: 26:21

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Production Notes:

July 15th, 2003
Reductio Ad Mysterioso

B: My notes indicate that ROX #26, “J&B Get Sick,” was originally 43 minutes long, back when it was first aired in February of '93. I did a re-edit and chopped it down to 26 minutes at some later date. Thus the re-edited version is 61% of its original length.

But why? Was I just bored? Was I trapped in the editing booth with nothing else to occupy me? Why this particular episode, anyhow? (I can think of others that were more deserving.) And what was in those 17 minutes that got cut?

I just don't know. I can't remember. Damn. But it is hard to imagine what the pace of this episode must have been like before the reduction.

Note that the re-edit was not performed from the original source tapes. Apparently I just cut the new version together from the old VHS master, losing another generation in the process. This accounts for the exceedingly grainy video.

This episode documents the beginnings of a deluge of mail which we received regarding the censorship issue, yet we don't make it entirely clear what people were writing about. They were referring to ROX #22, “Boyz Nite In,” which was held back from public view for several weeks while it was being reviewed for content.

Media for J&B Get Sick:
Pix for J&B Get Sick:
JJ Looks Into the Lens
JJ went on a blind date with J. Along with four other women. At the same time.

Give the People What They Want
J reads a letter from a concerned viewer.

Heather Smiles Sheepishly
Something about the look on Heather's face says, "What have I gotten myself into?"

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