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Pix for Out of Work, Out of Mind

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ROX: Out of Work, Out of Mind: Pix
Work Mind Title
1. Title frame for "Out of Work, Out of Mind."

J Mellows, B Wigs
2. J and a freshly unemployed B get ready to host another program in the attic.

Orange Aid Title
3. J gets ready to mix an Orange Aid.

4. B displays one of his treasured premiums from DialAmerica Marketing.

Orange Whiskey Title
5. J gets ready to mix an Orange Whiskey.

6. We discovered this vagina on a pomegranate at the local grocery store.

B For Booze
7. A jobless Editor B takes to the streets in desperation.

Best DML Title
8. Title frame for "The Best of Disturbed Monkey Love."

The Wages of Unemployment
9. After B quit his telemarketing job, his weekly earnings declined sharply.

J Gets Bitter
10. J gets ready to mix up his third drink of the evening, a Bitter Orange.

Toe Lick
11. TBlack licks a young lady's foot.

A Merkin For XY
12. XY models a merkin.

Six Commas
13. A plaintive query from our first real fan letter.

PS: Your Show Rocks!
14. J reads a letter from Todd Halvorsen.

Slacker Title
15. J gets ready to mix the Slacker.

Symbolic Whirlwind
16. "You'll want to shake it, symbolizing the whirlwind uncontrollability of our lives."

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