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All drinks made with simulated alcohol.

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Drink: 80 Proof Sun Protection
Image: 80 Proof Sun Protection
Image: Disaster Averted
Image: A Stiffie and a Biggie
Image: Sunburn
Drink: Amaretto Sour
Image: Amaretto Sour
Drink: Another Bad Creation
Image: Another Bad Creation
Image: Blow the Head
Drink: Apple B.J.
Image: Apple B.J.
Image: J w/J&B
Image: Apple B.J. 2
Image: Apple B.J. 3
Image: Apple B.J. 4
Image: Apple B.J. 5
Drink: Banana Daiquiri
Image: Blend
Drink: Bass Pale Ale
Image: Bass Triangle
Drink: Berliner
Image: Berliner
Image: Berliner Sample
Drink: Big Lot
Image: Big Lot
Image: Do Not Try This At Home: B
Image: Do Not Try This At Home: J
Drink: Bitter Orange
Image: J Gets Bitter
Drink: Bleach Blonde
Image: B Sees Thru
Drink: Blue Hawaiian
Image: Blue Hawaiian
Drink: Blue Law
Image: Blue Law
Drink: Boilermaker
Image: Cheap Gin
Drink: Bourbon & C
Image: J Tastes B&C
Image: Mohawk Toast
Drink: Brownie Blues
Image: Brownie Blues Title
Image: Blue Flame
Drink: Carolina
Image: Carolina
Image: Worst
Image: Separate Egg
Image: Distinctly Uncarolinian
Drink: CBGB
Image: CBGB
Drink: Christ with a Y
Image: Christ with a Title
Drink: Cocaine on the Rox
Image: Cocaine Title
Drink: Cold Chocolate
Image: Cold Chocolate Title
Drink: Crotch Cooler
Image: Crotch Prep
Drink: Dead Man's Float
Image: Dead Man's Float
Image: Better Than Potable
Image: Dead Men Sip No Drinks
Image: 2 Oz. Cognac
Image: J Sips the DMF
Drink: Dirt
Image: Dirt Title
Drink: Dr. Nickell's Knuckle-Sucker
Image: Knuckle Sucker Title
Image: 3 Oz. Clear, Sweet Carbonated Beverage
Image: J's Brother Alan
Image: Not Good
Drink: Dr. Pat's Punch
Image: Dr. Pat's Punch Title
Image: Down with DPP
Drink: Fat Albert
Image: Fat Albert Title
Image: Niki Tastes
Image: Jorge Gets Fat
Drink: Fig Leaf
Image: Fig Leaf
Drink: Fireball
Image: T Blows
Drink: Fool's Gold (Festive Version)
Image: Golden Hue
Image: Pyrite
Image: Nothing Else
Drink: Grand Mal
Image: Grand Mal
Image: Ecstatic
Image: Pour It All In
Drink: Grandpa's Morning Secret
Image: Secretive J
Drink: Guinness Extra Stout
Image: Smell the Guinness
Drink: Guttersplat
Image: Guttersplat
Drink: Hairy Earlobe
Image: Hairy Title
Drink: Head Buzz
Image: Head Buzz
Image: Mango Madness
Image: A Little Bit of Triple Sec
Drink: Headstone
Image: Headstone
Image: Headstoned
Drink: Helluva Buzz
Image: Helluva Title
Drink: High School Daze
Image: Daze Title
Image: Daze Recipe
Drink: Hot Rod Ale Flip
Image: Hot Rod
Drink: Hurricane
Image: Hurricane PJ
Drink: Insomniac
Image: Insomnisip
Drink: Just Say Yes!
Image: Yes Title
Drink: Kremlin Kocktail
Image: Kremlin Kocktail
Image: Kremlin Sample
Drink: Late Period
Image: Late Period
Drink: Leap of Faith
Image: Leap Drink
Image: Leap Leap
Image: J Pours O.J.
Drink: Loaded Sherbet
Image: Ready to Load
Drink: Luv on the ROX
Image: Luv on the ROX
Drink: Medicinal Brandy
Image: Snotrag
Image: Medicinal Brandy
Image: Medicinal Drink
Image: Medicinal Effect
Image: Words of Wisdom
Image: Cold's Banishment Tea
Drink: Mint Julep
Image: Mint Julep
Image: 20 Mint Leaves
Image: Worth It
Image: Silver or Pewter Cup
Drink: Mintal Ward
Image: Mintal Ward
Image: Two Ounces
Image: Three Dollops
Drink: Myrtle Beach Lager
Image: Myrtle Beach Lager
Image: Myrtle Beach Lager Impressions
Drink: Napoleon
Image: Small Bottle
Image: Napoleon Smells
Image: Tongue Stuck
Drink: One for the Road
Image: One for the Title
Drink: Orange Aid
Image: Orange Aid Title
Drink: Orange Whiskey
Image: Orange Whiskey Title
Image: Vagina
Drink: Parisian Blonde
Image: Parisian Blonde
Drink: Parting Shot
Image: Real Rocks
Drink: Philo T. Farnsworth Float
Image: Dawn of TV
Image: Onions
Drink: Piña Colada
Image: Piña Title
Drink: Pilsner Urquell
Image: Russ Toasts
Drink: Poor Brian's Run
Image: Ready to Run
Drink: Porcelain Goddess
Image: Goddess Day
Image: Porcelain POV
Drink: Port Flip
Image: Stir The Fuck Out Of It
Drink: Quick Uncomfortable Screw
Image: Unscrewed Title
Drink: Right Between the Ice
Image: Right Between the Ice
Image: 2 Ice Cubes
Image: Aftereffect
Image: Amaretto: Pour It All In
Drink: Rocky Rumpus
Image: Rocky Rumpus
Image: Oyster Sauce Lump
Drink: Salome Cocktail
Image: Salome Cocktail
Image: Disgusting!
Image: A Sip of Salome for J
Drink: Same Old Shit
Image: Tastes Like Shit
Drink: Scotch & Ashes
Image: Dick 'n' Dad
Image: Screaming for Scotch
Drink: Screwdriver
Drink: Seven Year Itch
Image: Phallus
Image: Seven Year Itch Drink
Image: Jäger: Pour It All In
Image: Twist of Pepper
Image: Strain the Itch
Drink: Shandy Gaff
Image: Shandy Ginger
Drink: Shirley Temple Blackhead
Image: Blackhead Title
Drink: Shortcut
Image: Shortcut
Drink: Shriner Spritzer
Image: Spritzer Title
Drink: Sorrows Drownder
Image: Drunk
Image: Finger Technique
Image: Sorrows Drownder
Drink: Stone Fence (Road Version)
Image: Stone Fence Squared
Drink: Sweet Blood of London
Image: Sweet Blood Title
Drink: TBlack Jack
Image: Black Jack Title
Drink: Tequila Shot
Image: Tequila Shot
Drink: The Pisser
Image: Pisser
Drink: The Slacker
Image: Slacker Title
Image: Symbolic Whirlwind
Drink: The Whiner
Image: B Whines
Drink: Thinking Man's Bolus
Image: Thinking Man's Bolus
Image: Xy Bolus
Drink: Twister
Image: Twister
Drink: Vanishing Point
Image: Vanishing Point
Drink: Vodka Cranberry
Image: Vodka
Image: Day Drinks Vodka Cranberry
Drink: Whining Banana
Image: Whining Banana
Image: Whining Banana B
Drink: Whisky Hairball
Image: Hairball Title
Image: Hairball Drink
Image: Hairball Ingredient
Drink: White Russian
Image: Russian J
Drink: Wisconsin Cream Fizz
Image: Wisconsin Cream Fizz
Image: Sugar Disaster
Drink: Zima Slimeball
Image: Zima Slimeball
Image: Green Glass of Grossness
Drink: Zombie
Image: Zombie Title
Image: Mummy
Pix for Drinx:
J Gets Bitter
J gets ready to mix up his third drink of the evening, a Bitter Orange.

XY had a cold, so she asked J to make her a medicinal drink.

Real Rocks
What other mixologist would go to such stupefying lengths in service of his craft?

Dawn of TV
The very first television transmission took place on September 27th, 1927. It is recreated here exclusively for ROX.

Late Period
J gets ready to mix a "Late Period."

Daze Title
J gets ready to mix a drink from a recipe sent by a viewer.

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