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1/2 oz. tequila
1/2 oz. Kahlua
nothing else

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Production Notes:

December 28th, 2003
A Confusion Of Fools

B: Don't confuse the Fool's Gold in “A Festival of Fools” (ROX #11) with the Fool's Gold in “Prize Fools” (ROX #73). They share nothing in common, except that J made them both up. It was a long time between those two episodes, and we simply forgot that we'd ever featured a drink by that title.

Media for Fool's Gold (Festive Version):
Pix for Fool's Gold (Festive Version):
Editor B found this chunk of fool's gold on the railroad tracks.

Golden Hue
Behold the golden brown pallor of the Fool's Gold. It looks delicious, but appearences can be deceiving.

Nothing Else
The final ingredient for the Fool's Gold? Nothing.

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