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Edited with No Reason


Title: Edited with No Reason
Type: production note
Date: August 14th, 2012

Before J&B on the ROX was even a smudge on the lens, we spent a lot of time playing with J's camcorder. Mostly we improvised, sometimes with a vague storyline in mind, often completely freeform. The results were usually quite silly if not abysmally stupid.

It was an amusing way to pass an evening with friends. Everything was shot “in camera” with no thought of post-production, nor was there any idea of sharing these productions with any audience beyond the VCR in the living room of 711 East Cottage Grove.

For reasons I cannot now comprehend, I took one of these tapes into the booth at BCAT and put it through the arcane process known as editing. So this piece has something most of our other efforts lacked: titles, audio weirdness, even a snippet or two of music.

It still doesn't make any sense.

The original was probably shot in early 1992 and I bet the editing took place around the same time. In retrospect I have to wonder why this wasn't incorporated into Do Not Become Confused which I completed in April of that year. It would seem to fit. Perhaps I ran out of steam. This short doesn't really go anywhere. It just ends abruptly. Maybe it was just too pointless.

I don't think this video ever ran on TV, and has probably only been seen by a few unfortunate people.

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Created: August 14th, 2012
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