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Title: Nikita is my friend's name
Type: review
Date: March 25th, 2009

While doing some of our own mental housecleaning myself and two others decided an episode of J&B on the rox was in order.

Like all things J&B there is no meaning to the madness leading us to this episode but we were happy with it.

Highlights include MoonBoy's reference to the hi and low's of the drag queen experience (as my friend Nikita was watching and felt very special to have heard her name on such a distinctly potable (haha)show such as this). Bullwinkle's is long gone now, however it is always to joy to see the rich history of B-ton.

Particle butthead is an asshole. A BIG one. Speaking as a woman (it's not Oz's Sarah) XY is awesome. Though J&B are most certainly could run a show by themselves, XY brings a much needed feminine presence to this otherwise slightly masculine program. XY is no Yoko. she's a delight. End of story.

Oz here, perhaps we've done a bit too much housecleaning, so in summation: As with all J&B the same old shit is a thin veil covering insightful commentary into local and worldly issues of meaning.

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Created: March 25th, 2009
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