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Title: More mixed drinks than you can shake a stick at
Type: review
Date: August 3rd, 2006

Mr. Mike:
“The Seven-year Itch” was the first ROX episode after a seven-year hiatus, but it feels more like an ultra-cheap reunion special. J sits in his new kitchen, complaining about writing puff pieces on Internet billionares and mixing drinks, while B looks over all of his ROX archives, reminiscing about how the show was declared “the best show on television” by Wired magazine the minute after they stopped producing episodes. So even though B is in New Orleans and J is somewhere in the Midwest, they decide to begin ROX again. However, not much really gets accomplished in ROX #87 (aside from the mixed drinks and the nostalgia), so it's up to the bit players to fill out the rest. So it's J's friend “Dumbass Corner” Dave scratching his crotch after being asked “what's a seven-year itch?”, “Barfbag” Matt upchucking in J's toilet, J's wife Day denying that her nickname is “Scooter Bob”, and random person Liz giving the definition for the episode's title. Meanwhile, down in Ol' Missisip, Xy (B's wife) floats around the shallowest beach I've ever seen.

This was the first of the new ROX episodes I've been able to view via Free Speech TV, and while it was nice to see where they guys are now, it would have been cool to see them do more with ROX #87. However, it was a nice mixed drinks episode; it's always good to see J's cousin Matt (not “Barfbag” Matt) drink something J has made and not blanch.

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Created: August 3rd, 2006
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